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Unlock your door with electronic keys

  • source:betechlock
  • Date:10/11/2018

Many homeowners are working diligently to transform their home into a futuristic environment because they are striving for a more modern style. One of the best ways to start is with smart home electronics. A great advantage which smart door lock has over the regular deadbolt locks or electronic locks is not having to worry about going about with a physical key. The smart lock key is embedded in an electronic form, which could be a fingerprint, code or key card.


The smart lock keys can be created, deleted or even restricted to a certain period due to the fact that the keys are digital, which makes them perfect for entry access to guests, handymen, domestic workers or relatives who would be arriving before you return from work. You can also easily revoke a key holder’s access, just as you easily created it.

smart home electronics


Let’s consider some of the benefits of the smart lock.

Full Control

Not having the capabilities to control what goes in your home, while you are away at work on vacation can be very troublesome for a homeowner. This issue will become a thing of the past once your home is transformed into a Smart Home. Many individuals are most likely unfamiliar with this term, which is why it is important to educate yourself on this home automation technology.


The Be-Tech G536FK digital door lock comes with a fingerprint and PIN Code function for your convenience. With the LED indicators you get alerted each time there is an authorized or unauthorized operation through the different color signals.


Automatically, the door gets locked automatically after it is opened for a few seconds. (Manual operation is also available). The alarm system comes up for a minute when anyone aims at the door to open it with an incorrect Fingerprint or PIN code 5 times. You will also receive a continuous “Beep” sound during door access to remind replacing batteries.


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