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Fingerprint Door Lock

  • source:Be-tech
  • Date:11/19/2018
Fingerprint door locks are advanced security locks of door control units that allow you to use your fingerprint and in most cases, pin codes and regular keys on doors (both in business and in your home). It is the best solution for people who constantly lose their keys and get themselves locked out of their homes. 
The fingerprint door lock system involves identifying the arrangement of ridges and furrows on your fingertips. This is possible because ever since the study of fingerprints over a hundred years ago, no two people have had the same kind of fingerprint pattern. 
fingerprint door lock


Fingerprint door lock manufacturers have designed this lock system that it only identifies registered fingerprints through a series of steps. 
The biometric fingerprint scanners use the arrangement of ridges and furrows to identify the distinctive fingerprint of the individual using it. The registration process is made up of three unique roles which are: enrolling, searching and verifying the fingerprint. 
The most important part of the enrolling method is the capturing. Capturing the fingerprint is the job of the sensor this means that the user should place the finger on the scanner and be still for capturing. The lighting should be right and the scanner has to be a good one else the process will be rejected. 
Immediately your fingerprint is scanned, the matching process will begin. The verification process uses different procedures to match your fingerprints. These techniques are the correlation-based matching, the minutiae-based matching and the pattern/ridge feature-based matching. 


All fingerprint lock supplier supplies fingerprint door lock that operates on 4 AA batteries. A set of the battery can serve you for a long time usually a whole year.  So that when there is a power outage, these batteries can act as an alternative power source enabling you to have access to your home or your place of work. The good thing about our product is that gives you two weeks notification if the battery is running low on juice. This notification will continue to warn the user until the battery is changed eventually. 


Fingerprint lock systems offer a dependable way to monitor employees and there is no need for you to be storing extra data since the system just needs the fingerprint. With a fingerprint door lock system, employees do not have to worry about the struggles of keeping your cards safe from the problems of forgetting passwords. Since everybody’s fingerprint is uniquely different from one another. The fingerprint door lock has a low risk of a security breach caused by the errors of employees. A thief might steal the card or ID that is carelessly by an employee and access a restricted area or an employee might be locked out of this office because he or she left their keys at home. 

Be-Tech offers a wide range of fingerprint door lock 

•    Be-Tech i8A1FMT has three access solutions, Fingerprint, RF Card key or PIN code for your convenience.
•    One-touch Fingerprint Verification
One-touch Fingerprint verification technology has been fixed to conveniently read a fingerprint in one shot.
•    Operation status notification
Whenever any operation is made, the LED indicator informs you what is happening through different colors and signs.
•    Scramble code
You can enter random numbers prior to the right code when there is a chance of exposing it to others.
•    Automatic Locking
Door lock will be locked automatically after opening door a few seconds. (Manual operation is also available)
•    Missing key invalidation
Once you lose your key, it has no validation as long as you re-register rest of your keys.
•    Anti-panic exit system
For convenience and in case of emergency, it allows you to open the door by simply turning its handle from inside.
•    Alarm (Incorrect Fingerprint or RF card or PIN code)
The alarm will be on and last for 60 seconds if anyone attempts to open them with incorrect Fingerprint or RF card for 5 times.
•    Low battery warning signal
A continuous "beep" sound during door access will alert you to replace batteries.
•    Invisible keypad
Keypad number can be seen only when you touch the screen with your palm.
•    Mechanical key override
For emergency, it can also be unlocked with a mechanical key.