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BIS HOTEL is a full-featured, functionally rich intelligent system with the power, flexibility and convenience to satisfy the needs of any hotel.

Beside the basic requirement found in most locking system, the BIS HOTEL also includes various features enabling you to achieve All-in-one card security management, tour group check-in and shift-to-shift operations.



Powerful and Flexible BIS HOTEL:

  • Software features: Capabilities
  • Unique common doors: 32 groups, no practical limit for each group
  • Rooms: 999,999, including common doors
  • Unique users: No practical limit
  • User groups: No practical limit
  • Database: Client server SQL, for multi-workstations
                        Microsoft office access, for single-workstation
  • User interface: Icon based
  • Interface options available : TCP/IP, RS-232, DLL
  • Access management: Flexible and customized
  • Time shift control: Yes
  • Daylight saving time (automatic update): Yes, but need to update time to each locks
  • Card verification: Yes
  • Failsafe backup: Yes


  • Powerful SQL client server database technology for stable, high security operations and effective back up / restoring options.
  • Economical Microsoft office access database technology for single-workstation operation.
  • Compatible with true TCP/IP network protocol. Different workstations can be connecting toserver through the hotel's own LAN.
  • Flexible PMS & POS interface options. Choose between serial, TCP/IP and direct DLL integration.
  • Windows R software platform.
  • Compatible with Hotel RFID Locker Lock.
  • Compatible with tour group reservation and check-in.
  • Manages breakfast charge byhotel guest's own keycards (base on SQL database).
  • Manages up to 32 different groups of common door definitions.
  • And many more...

BIS HOTEL Hardware

• System components
BIS HOTEL is designed base on an open, logical and flexible system philosophy. By avoiding proprietary system, we furthest utilize global standards such as Windows R and TCP/IP protocols to make hotels have full flexibility to choose servers and workstations, and flexible to integrate BIS HOTEL to the hotel's IT environment, this philosophy can be not only minimized investment and maintenance, but also guarantee for future technology upgradeable and seamless interface to other vendors.

• Encoders
BIS HOTEL offers stable connection for the high quality RFID card encoders, and available for multi-sectors encoding, this allows additional and billing data to be written on different sectors for POS purposes.

• Handheld Terminal
BIS HOTEL offers a platform for handheld terminal, and available to synchronize all programming data between the PC server and the locks for minimizing maintenance cost.

• Operational efficiency
BIS HOTEL is not only flexible and logical, but also can be maximize your hotel's operational efficiency.

• Powerful client server database technology
BIS HOTEL is designed base on advanced client server SQL database, this ensures fast and reliable operations while check-in and setting up, and prevents the whole system from breaking down if terminal system crashes. The SQL database technology is the worldwide popular and outstanding safe database technology for your hotel. It allows real-time auto backup data during operations. This means workstation terminals are not save any data in their hard disk but in servers, so all database files will be well protected by a high security encryption.

• Economical Microsoft office access database technology for option
Microsoft access database technology is the ideal database solution for small to medium sized properties, with such database technology, the hotels are not need to invest to purchase SQL database and servers, but single workstation. The Microsoft office access database technology allows manual-backup data. This means that the system can be perform manual backup operation if necessary, and the database itself is encrypted by Be-Tech's own high security encryption scheme.

• Powerful reporting capabilities
With BIS HOTEL you will get powerful reporting capabilities to enhance your hotel's security, all system events are logged in details, so you will know what and who and when has done anything with leaving trace, and sort functions make it easy for you to find out the information you exactly need. All reports can be saved in office excel format, which means you can edit and combine different reports.


• PMS terminal, additional Be-Tech server and PMS server share the Ethernet network.
Encoders connect to the PMS terminal PC.

• Be-Tech server interface with PMS via RS-232, PMS terminal and PMS server share the Ethernet network. Encoders connect to the PMS terminal PC.

• This is the most usual interface option with minimum configuration possible, Be-Tech software runs on the PMS server. Encoders connect to the PMS server PC or PMS terminal PC.


BIS Hotel 02
BIS Hotel 03
BIS Hotel 04


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BIS Hotel

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