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Be-Tech Asia Limited

Be-Tech (Be-Tech Asia Limited) has continued to lead the market by continuously launching innovations, research & development and modern manufacturing technology to the company since establishment in 1992, Be-Tech is dedicated towards providing electronic security solutions to the hospitality industry, rental condominiums, private apartments, hostel and facilities where people need smart security solutions, each solution with smart lock is designed to meet our client's needs for security, organization and convenience, and is recognized as the expert and leader within the industry.

“We put our heart & soul into your security”. With our principles of designability, flexibility, reliability and functionality, we have secured thousands of budget, luxury and resort hotels, rental condominiums, private apartments, worldwide. With the largest private invested factory covers an area of thirty thousand square meters, Be-Tech could be become your true partner, dedicated to offer you reliable, flexible and valuable security solutions with smart lock for hospitality providers rental condominiums owner and their guests.

Company vision

Be-Tech Asia Limited

Brand Concept

For over 20 years, Be-Tech has established itself in China as a world-class, high quality producer of security products – with an emphasis on electronic locks. Be-Tech has developed a reputation based on innovation and integrity while driven by the dream of making the best security products. In order to meet consumer and market trends, it is necessary for Be-Tech to develop an international presence, and our staff truly believes that Be-Tech can establish itself in a constantly changing global marketplace.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with a combination of safety and convenience. Finding the equilibrium between safety and convenience also means that no shortcuts should be taken. As basic as the concept of a lock may be to a consumer, the proper implementation is more difficult to achieve – which is why we strive to find a way we implement safety and convenience as seamlessly as possible into our customers' daily lives.

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Be-Tech Asia Limited

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