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Commercial Door Locks

  • Be-Tech Anti-Panic Commercial Door Locks-V3A8Mt

    Be-Tech Anti-Panic Commercial Door Locks-V3A8MtMore >

    The commercial door locks manufactured by Be-Tech is a home entry lock with a novel handle design and virtual password unlocking protection. Be possessed of double circuit system, and prevent electromagnetic attack function of commercial door locks, it is definitely worth a let you choose.

  • China Digital Mortise Commercial Door Locks-I8A1Fmt

    China Digital Mortise Commercial Door Locks-I8A1FmtMore >

    Commercial door locks-I8A1FMT it's one of the best home entrance doors in Be-Tech, It has features such as an automatic lock (which will automatically lock after a few seconds after the door is opened), an anti-panic system, and an alarm (which will last 60 seconds when you enter the wrong fingerprint or RF card or PIN code five times)
    Be-Tech commercial door locks give your home multiple layers of protection.