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Rfid Door Lock

With the changing times, RFID door lock is becoming increasingly popular. Swapping the traditional lock with a key entry for quick and easy keyless entry has become an emerging need due. With the increase in security threats, it is crucial to update hotel's locking system and upgrade them to the current standards.


Security has been the key concern for people since the stone age, so thanks to modernization and the evolving technology, The demand for RFID door lock is increasing. RFID refers to Radio Frequency Identification. The RFID card sends a signal on a particular frequency to the card reader, which consists of a smart chip installed inside the plastic. On the door, there is generally a reader which reads the information present on the card and opens the door lock when the card is scanned by using the reader. Once the door opens, it will automatically lock when the door is closed, thus making it efficient. The RFID door lock can guarantee security and provide convenience to user. With a RFID card, you can easily unlock the door by simply waving the card in front of the reader or inserting it in the slot, thus making the whole process hassle-free. The card is also easy to store and carry as it is similar to a bank card or an Identity card, which we normally do carry while stepping out of the house, thus lowering the chances of forgetting it at home.


Be-Tech has established itself as one of the biggest company manufacturing state of the art security locking system in China for 28 years. The company manufactures superior quality RFID door locks, electronic safes, electronic locker locks, and access control solutions. We at Be-Tech have launched many high quality RFID door locks such as SHADOW II RFID and VISUAL II RFID, which provide an aesthetic appearance to the hotel doors and guarantee maximum security at the same time. These state of the art locking systems are ADA compliant and are also BHMA/ANSI Grade 2 certified. They are compatible with BIS hotel software and they are also equipped with a panic release function in which the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle for easy regress in an emergency. Another noteworthy feature is the future proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory, which gives you the option to erase previous data and install new data. This feature comes in handy when you fire an employee and want to restrict their access. The VISUAL II RFID is quite suitable for hotel function, it can check information by a handheld service unit which makes it easier to record audit trail, low battery status, and a variety of other features as well. At Be-Tech, we value our customers, and thus we provide the best customer support and guide our clients through the whole process from the installation to after-sales support as well, thus providing them with a smooth and easy experience. 

  • Be-Tech High-Security Stainless Steel Rfid Door Lock

    Be-Tech High-Security Stainless Steel Rfid Door LockMore >

    Be-Tech launch the rfid door lock-SHADOW II RFID, is designed specifically for the business hotel industry. Equipped with the latest RFID technology and 20mm high strength deadbolt, the design is simple and elegant, yet safe and reliable.
    Want an electronic lock that looks good and makes hotel rooms safer? Be-Tech's RFID door lock is all you need.

  • Simple Yet Stylish Rfid Door Lock-Visual Ii Rfid Series

    Simple Yet Stylish Rfid Door Lock-Visual Ii Rfid SeriesMore >

    Be-Tech rfid door lock - VISUAL II RFID SERIES is an anti-hacking technology and the world famous Mifare non-contact technology products. Suitable for all types of hotels.
    The Be-Tech rfid door lock will make your hotel more secure and increase the satisfaction of more guests.