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Questions of security and ease are the only ones that matter for anyone — a business or an individual — anywhere in the world today. Be-Tech Asia Limited, the leader in development, manufacturer and professional provider in smart door lock and security solutions in China, integrated with a world's advanced design concepts, we are always making the most innovative smart door lock solution for every country in the world. Special attention is paid to the hospitality industry and other establishments such as rental condominiums, private apartments, hostels, and more, providing a range of smart lock and security systems that are ideal for the requirements of an organization.

This comprehensive article delves into the various products and services offered by Be-Tech, highlighting their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. From fingerprint door lock suppliers and electronic hotel locks to electronic cabinet locks and door control units, Be-Tech's extensive product range caters to diverse security requirements, ensuring the utmost safety and convenience for users.

Comprehensive Product Range

Smart Lock Systems

Be-Tech offers a wide range of smart lock systems designed to enhance security and convenience. These systems include:

Electronic Door Locks

Available in various designs and finishes, these locks can be customized to match the aesthetic preferences of clients. They offer multiple unlocking options such as fingerprint, mobile phone key, password, and RFID. These locks are ideal for residential and commercial applications, providing enhanced security and convenience.

Hotel Door Locks

Specifically designed for the hospitality industry, these locks provide seamless access to hotel entrances, perimeter access doors, elevators, and swimming pools. They ensure security and convenience for both hotel owners and guests. With features like RFID card access, mobile key integration, and audit trail capabilities, these locks offer a comprehensive solution for hotel security.

Cabinet Locks

Ideal for securing personal properties in swimming pools, changing rooms, and offices, these smart cabinet locks offer high security and ease of use. They prevent unauthorized access and provide peace of mind for users.

Electronic Access Control Units

Be-Tech's electronic access control units are designed to provide secure and efficient access management for various facilities. These units include:

RFID Elevator Controllers

These controllers ensure that only authorized individuals can access specific floors, enhancing security in multi-story buildings. By integrating with Be-Tech's smart lock systems, they offer a comprehensive access control solution for residential and commercial properties.

Electronic Hotel Safes

These safes provide secure storage for guests' valuables, with features such as LED displays and ADA-compliant keypads for ease of use. They offer peace of mind to hotel guests and ensure the protection of their valuable belongings.

Customization and Integration

Be-Tech excels in providing customized security solutions that cater to the specific needs of their clients. Their services include:

Logo Customization

Clients can have their business logos designed and customized on their smart locks, enhancing brand identity. This personalization feature allows businesses to reinforce their brand presence and create a cohesive visual experience for their customers.

Integrated Management Systems

Be-Tech's smart locks come with built-in systems that facilitate integrated management, making it easier to monitor and control access in real-time. These systems provide centralized control and reporting capabilities, enabling efficient access management and enhanced security.

Software Development

The company has developed a series of software and technologies that improve property and personal safety, particularly in hotels, schools, and residential buildings. By continuously innovating and developing new software solutions, Be-Tech stays ahead of the curve and addresses the evolving security needs of their clients.

Quality and Certifications

Be-Tech is committed to delivering high-quality products that meet international standards. The company has obtained numerous certifications, including CE, ANSI, UL, KC, PSE, and MSAS, ensuring that their products are reliable and safe to use. Their dedication to quality is further demonstrated by their extensive R&D and quality inspection processes, which enable them to produce competitive smart lock products with fast production cycles.

Applications and Clientele

Be-Tech's products are widely used in various sectors, including:

Hospitality Industry

Hotels and resorts benefit from Be-Tech's hotel door lock systems, which provide secure and convenient access for guests and staff. These systems offer features like mobile key integration, audit trails, and centralized access management, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for hotel guests.

Residential Buildings

Smart lock systems for apartment buildings and rental condominiums offer enhanced security and convenience for tenants and property managers. With features like remote access control, audit trails, and customizable access levels, these systems provide a comprehensive solution for residential security.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities use Be-Tech's digital locks to ensure the safety of students and staff, with real-time monitoring and control capabilities. These systems help create a secure learning environment and provide peace of mind for parents and educators.

Commercial Spaces

Offices and other commercial facilities utilize Be-Tech's smart lock suppliers and access control units to secure their premises and manage access efficiently. By controlling who can enter specific areas, these systems help protect valuable assets and maintain a secure work environment.


Be-Tech Asia Limited stands out as a leading professional entrance systems supplier in China, offering a comprehensive range of smart lock systems and customized security solutions. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner in the security industry. Whether for hotels, residential buildings, educational institutions, or commercial spaces, Be-Tech provides reliable and efficient security solutions that meet the diverse needs of their clients.

For more information about Be-Tech's products and services, visit their official website or contact their customer support team. By choosing Be-Tech, you are investing in innovative, reliable, and customized security solutions that ensure the safety and satisfaction of your clients and residents.