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Biometric Door Lock

Biometric door lock is among the most efficient and secure locking systems nowadays. It is widely used in homes, apartments, and offices throughout the world to protect both property and life. It is usually installed on the entrance door and uses the fingerprints of an authorized user to allow entry into offices or homes. A biometric door lock is programmed to identify the fingerprints of authorized persons. The lock scans the fingerprint and opens the door. It is completely the choice of property owners that whether they want to give door access to a single or multiple users. Here we have gathered a few tips to help you choose the right biometric lock.


Options: Before selecting door locks, it's essential to carry out detailed research on different options that are available in markets.


Easy to use: You can get both complex and simple types of biometric door locks. Consider the use of the locks and the doors before installing biometric locks. These types of locks are easy to operate and use that is highly necessary for houses having kids.


Usage: It's important to consider the type and size of the door before selecting biometric locks. It's because all biometric door locks cannot fit into all types of doors.


Door lock manufacturers: You may find lots of door lock manufacturers in the market, so it can be tough to choose trustworthy manufacturers among them. But nothing to worry about as we are here to guide you. Be-Tech is the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of biometric door locks in China. You can get their door locks anywhere in the world as Be-Tech provides its products to distributors and agents worldwide. Two of their best-selling biometric door locks are 17A6FMTW—family entrance door and R665F-19B—family the room door. Let's discuss each of these products along with their features.


Fingerprint & RFID card & Touch Pad Digital Door Lock- 17A6FMTW

This door lock can be accessed with a fingerprint, mobile key, PIN code, or RF card key for the convenience of users. It comes with one-touch fingerprint verification technology allowing the user to access the door in one shot. You don't need to worry about manual locking of the door as this digital lock comes with an automatic locking system. Its keypad is invisible and can only be seen when you touch its screen with palm. The option of entering a scramble code is also available if in case you suspect any threat.


Fingerprint Digital Door Lock-R665F-19B

It's another digital door lock that can only be accessed with the fingerprints of the authorized person. Simply place your fingerprint on the touchpad and access a specific room in just one shot. It comes with an international standard jimmy proofing tabular mechanism. Automatic locking is another key feature of this digital lock. The fingerprint door locks by Be-Tech are easy to install and can easily replace your existing mechanical lock. You will be able to get a voice reminder when its battery is low.

  • Integrating Five Ways Of Unlocking To Oneness The Biometric Door Lock

    Integrating Five Ways Of Unlocking To Oneness The Biometric Door LockMore >

    Be-Tech manufacturing biometric door lock, in addition to advanced and accurate fingerprint identification,  also uses the Mobile app remote unlock design, with a variety of unlocking options allow you to use more convenient.
    Be-tech biometric door lock -I7A6FMTW, Worth you have.

  • Be-Tech Biometric Door Lock For Family Room

    Be-Tech Biometric Door Lock For Family RoomMore >

    Be-Tech supply of biometric door lock R665F - 19B, is a novel design, and have an Anti-panic exit system room door lock, in case of an emergency, just from the internal turned the handle You can avoid the problem of being accidentally trapped in your room.