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Be-Tech Asia Limited

    We think what you think

    It is understood among hoteliers and interior designers that the hotel corridor is the introduction to the room, and that electronic locks have provided very few aesthetic alternatives.

    Finding the most relevant and compelling design options thus required significant understanding of global hospitality design trends. Careful analysis of different hotel environments and styles around the world suggested that flexibility in design options was the key to success.

    Be-Tech electronic locks were especially designed with both new construction and major hotel renovations in mind to fulfill the desire for design continuity for hotel corridors, guestrooms and other hotel areas.

    Reliable Security

    Our commitment and strength is to offer the highest reliable security under affordable cost for both your hotel and your guests. Through experience, knowledge and modern technology, Be-Tech has continued to provide reliable and valuable solution in over 20 years.

    Be-Tech is known worldwide for its security and reliable solutions, wrapped in a flexible and powerful operating system.

    Be-Tech is your best choice, when security counts.

    Humanized Functionality

    Be-Tech electronic locks offer your property and guests the highest flexibility and security regardless if you choose our latest contactless RFID technology. Be-Tech electronic hardware and technology is designed to allow future upgrades and thus make your investment last and value.

    Be-Tech operating systems are feature-rich, easy to use by your staff, and easy to interface with any PMS and POS, Hotel Kiosk and other hotel systems.

    All Be-Tech electronic locks have been designed with the end-user, human factors and ergonomics in mind. Human factors and how the end user interacts with the electronic lock were significant in the research in order to ensure that Be-Tech locks become the truly ergonomic electronic lock in the market. It ensures an intuitive use and comfort level both for your guests and your staff.