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Fingerprint Door Lock

The fingerprint door lock has emerged as a breakthrough in the lock industry. Remember the sinking feeling in your heart when you reach into your pocket to grab your key but can't seem to find it. This is a  dreadful and common situation we all have come across in our life once, but thanks to modernization and the changing time’s engineers have come up with solutions and introduced the fingerprint door lock.


Gone are the days when you carry a key around to unlock your doors, with a fingerprint door lock you can forget all about your hassles. Not only are these locking systems smart and pleasing to your eyes, but they are also user-friendly as well. You can simply unlock your doors by pressing your finger onto the scanner, thus no added tools are required which makes it more convenient and the whole process more trouble-free than the traditional lock system. In the fingerprint locking system, you don’t even need to carry anything to unlock the door, as it is operated by using one’s fingerprint thus providing great convenience to users. The whole process of selecting the best fingerprint door lock in the market can be quite an overwhelming journey since it is a big investment and there is a lot at risk at the end, which is why extensive market research is essential.


Be-Tech has established itself as one of the leading high-quality producers of electronic lock systems in China for 28 years. With a vision to provide its customers with safety and convenience concurrently. Be-Tech has launched flexible, reliable, and valuable security solutions keeping its mission in mind. I would like to recommend I7A6FMTW and the I8A1FMT as one of the most successful fingerprint door locks which guarantee both security and convenience among all. It is equipped with one-touch fingerprint verification technology which is capable of reading a fingerprint in the first attempt, thus making it highly efficient. It is easy to install as it can replace the existing mechanical lock with great ease. I7A6FMTW has  a variety of access solutions such as fingerprint, mobile key, PIN code, and FRID card key but in case of an emergency such as a fire or a natural disaster it can also be unlocked using a mechanical key. These locking systems are also equipped with one-touch fingerprint verification, as well as a scramble code which allows the user to add random numbers before the right code when there is a chance of revealing it to others. In addition to that, it also has an alarm system that beeps when someone tries to intrude by using an incorrect PIN, fingerprint, and RF card. Besides the entrance door locks, Be-Tech also could provide fingerprint door lock for your bedroom door with the product model: R665F-19B. All of these features guarantee great convenience to the users. Fingerprint door locks may seem expensive to install in the short run but they are actually cost-effective in the long run as they are not subjected to rust wear and tear as compared to the traditional locking systems.

  • China High-Quality Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock

    China High-Quality Keyless Fingerprint Door LockMore >

    Be-Tech Provide with fingerprint door lock -I7A6FMTW has four access modes: mobile key, fingerprint, RF card key or PIN code. Using their fingerprint lock will save you the inconvenience of carrying your keys and the trouble of forgetting to carry them.

  • Digital Cylindrical Fingerprint Dood Lock R665F-19B

    Digital Cylindrical Fingerprint Dood Lock R665F-19BMore >

    Be-Tech fingerprint door lock is with a one-touch fingerprint verification technology bedroom door lock, easy to install yourself, you can easily replace the mechanical lock.
    Choose the Be-Tech fingerprint door lock to better protect your room privacy security!

  • Stainless Steel Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

    Stainless Steel Smart Fingerprint Door LockMore >

    Be-tech's fingerprint door lock-I8A1FMT has an alarm function that will go off for 60 seconds if someone tries to open them five times with the wrong fingerprint or RF card.
    Be-Tech production the entrance a fingerprint door lock, Make your home safe and secure.