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5 Electronic Door Locks for Business In 2023

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  • Date:01/13/2023

With the great development of electronic security technologies, more and more businesses prefer to invest the business electronic door locks to improve their security grade and create a more convenient management system. As one of the leading electronic door lock manufacturers in China, Be-Tech has launched a series of electronic door locks for businesses which have stood the test of time and become the favorite of the business manager.

Where Can the Business Electronic Door Locks Be Installed?

These commercial electronic door locks can be installed on various commercial building types such as hospitals, office complexes, government buildings, law enforcement stations, etc.

Where Can You Buy These Commercial Locks?

As far as our knowledge, the local home improvement centers usually are not able to provide these high-end units in their stores. If you want to order this type of product, you need to contact the comprehensive electronic door lock manufacturers. Be-Tech is one of them.

Product Recommendation: Business Deadbolt Lock

Business Deadbolt Lock


Four accessing solutions are offered from this business deadbolt lock. The solutions include smartphones, PIN codes, fingerprints, and mechanical keys. Then, with the WIFI module, the staff can access the smartphone. Also, the manager could remote control the business deadbolt lock via the smartphone.

Then, in the security, it also is designed with multiple modern security technologies to upgrade the office security system. First, the business deadbolt lock has an auto-locking function that automatically locks the door after 4 seconds. And, the auto-lock time can be set between 3 and 30 seconds. Second, it has the scramble code function. When you have to input the password in a high-traffic area, you can input the random digits before or after the correct access code. It would prevent password leakage as possible. Third, it allows you to set temporary passwords for your clients. And, the temporary passwords are valid for a few weeks, hours, or minutes.

As for the management, this business deadbolt lock is equipped with monitor components, so you could view the list of users, their assigned codes, and each entry time. And, it has the backup power plan. The lock can be energized with a power backup when you forget to replace the batteries.

Product Recommendation: Digital Touchpad Door Lock

Digital Touchpad Door Lock


This digital touchpad door lock has four access solutions: Bluetooth key, Fingerprint, RF Card key, and PIN code. Then, the digital touchpad door lock is highly compatible with various self-locking mechanical mortise/lock cases. In the access aspect, there are many modern functions. First, it has one-touch fingerprint verification which easily reads the fingerprint in one shot. Second, it is also designed with an alarm to alert the users to the incorrect fingerprint, RF card, and PIN code. And, the warning would last for 60 seconds if anyone attempts to open the lock with a wrong Fingerprint, RF Card, or PIN code 5 times. And, the digital touchpad door lock has an invisible keypad. The keypad number only can be seen when the visitor touches the screen. Third, it has a scramble code function. It means that you could input the random numbers prior to the correct code when there is a chance of exposing it to others.


As for management, the digital touchpad door lock also is more outstanding than the traditional mechanical door locks. It has a low battery warning signal. A continuous “beep” sound during door access will alert you to replace batteries. Then, it also has the operation status notification. Whenever any operation is implemented, the LED indicator informs you what is happening through different colors and signs.


Product Recommendation: Keyless Entry Touchpad Door Lock

Keyless Entry Touchpad Door Lock

As the digital mortise lock, the keyless entry touchpad door lock has a 50mm backset lock case and multiple access methods such as RF card, touchpad, and mechanical key. It is ideally installed on the front door. Then, equipped with the Wi-Fi module, it can work under the wifi, so it provides the business owner with the most convenience in management. And, it has an auto-locking function, so the keyless entry touchpad door lock automatically locks after 30 seconds by default. Therefore, the business doesn't have to worry about the sneaking caused by forgetting close the door. Then, the digital touchpad door lock has a mute function in the touchpad. In other words, you can adjust whether there is a beep sound when you input the passwords. Furthermore, it has an indoor electronic double lock switch which only allows the master code to unlock the lock. This function could ensure the privacy of some important areas.

Product Recommendation: Push-Pull Digital Door Lock


This push pull digital door lock adopts the auto deadbolt mortise and 60mm backset lock case. The auto deadbolt mortise refers to that the deadbolt automatically extends when the door closes. And, if you open the door from either side, the deadbolt and latch bolt retract simultaneously. First, the unique push-pull design is convenient accessing way in the high-traffic area. Second, it has a one-touch fingerprint function. The push-pull digital door lock also provides multiple access solutions. Be-Tech T1 has four access solutions, Fingerprint, APP, RF Card key, and PIN code for your convenience. Third, the push-pull digital door lock supports the missing key invalidation. It is one of the most useful functions in your business security system. When your employee or you accidentally lose your keys, you could re-register the rest of your keys and invalidate the lost keys. And, it also has an anti-panic exit system which is a good function for commercial buildings. In emergencies, it allows you to open the door by simply pulling its handle from the inside.


Product Recommendation: Biometric Digital Door Lock

Biometric Digital Door Lock

This biometric digital door lock is a digital mortise lock. Two colors are available in this biometric digital door lock ---- coffee gold and matte black. Be-Tech H3A5FMTL biometric digital door offers three access solutions, Fingerprint, RF Card key, and PIN code for your convenience. The biometric digital door lock can be applied to the door with a thickness of 40mm to 80mm. Be-Tech H3A5FMTL biometric digital door lock has three access solutions, Fingerprint, RF Card key, or PIN code for your convenience. This digital mortise door lock has automatic locking, one-touch fingerprint verification, operation status notification, invisible keypad, Low battery warning signal, etc as well. Then, out of the purpose of security, it has the mechanical key override. Then, you could unlock the door lock with a mechanical key in emergencies.


Last Thought

Because of the different purposes of the business spaces and residential houses, the security system for business spaces is different from the security system for residential use. The business spaces need higher safety grades to prevent commercial document leakage and more convenient functions to ensure quick access. A reliable electronic door locks factory can provide your commercial projects with high-security and easy-to-manage commercial electronic security door locks.