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The Benefits Of Fingerprint Door Locks

  • source:betechlock
  • Date:09/10/2019

Security has always been a concern of highly importance to humans all around the world. Thanks to technology, the way people guard valuables and their homes have evolved to being safer than ever. In the present time, security involves a wide range of software that includes web based security services, biometrics and personal devices with security levels.


The introduction of biometrics into security has been one of the greatest advancements of the digital-technical age. Fingerprint door locks are one example of the earliest and most used systems in relation to biometrics.


The fingerprint door lock has a very self-explanatory name, it is a system that allows authorized people access as a result of recognizing their fingerprints, as they are a great method of identification for humans. Human fingerprints have a lot of details and are incredibly unique. In addition it is difficult to try and copy another set of fingerprints, even to fake them and alter them.


So, the fact that fingerprints are nearly always unique, makes fingerprint door locking system perfect with regards to security. And of course, you can hardly forget your fingerprints or even have to remember it to always carry it, in comparison to a set of keys.



There are various fingerprint door lock suppliers online as fingerprint door lock systems are reliable and non-intrusive. They may be ranging in the more expensive door locks but the advantages are so much better compared to other locking systems. With this locking system the key is something that can’t be lost, as the key is the finger of someone so there is no danger of leaving it at home or at the office.


A fingerprint door lock supplier is Be-Tech that for over 20 years, has established itself in China as a world-class, high quality producer of security products – with an emphasis on electronic locks. And this company has some advantages in relation for their fingerprint door lock as there are various access solutions, the fingerprint, RF card key and a PIN code.


In addition, to the different options that give the user more commodity while entering their place of housing. There is also the One-touch Fingerprint verification technology, which as the name implies, the product is able to conveniently read a fingerprint in one shot.


A plus to the Be-Tech fingerprint and RFID card and touchpad digital door lock is that there is a mechanical key override, which means that for emergency or for commodity the door lock can also be unlocked with a mechanical key.


In conclusion, ensuring the well-being of our personal belongings has always been near the top of our priority list. This fingerprint door lock is perfect for the entrance of private apartments and condominiums that are being rented, as it gives a personal but still secure way of entering a house and just any part of a household or company where it requires extra protection.