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Benefits of Using Keyless Entry Door Lock for Rental Property

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  • Date:11/29/2022

When the house owners start their rental property, the residential door locks in the property are the first question. They not only should meet security needs but also make the management convenient. Then, with the development of the residential door locks industry, keyless entry house door locks are now over beyond the conventional keyed door lock. In this post, the author would illustrate what benefits the keyless entry house locks bring to the house owners.

What is Keyless Entry System?

As its name implies, the keyless entry door lock refers to allow residents to lock or unlock a home without using a mechanical key and lock. And, the Keyless door lock usually tends to use a fingerprint reader, keypad, or touchscreen rather than a conventional key to gain entry. In the following section, you could learn the benefits of the keyless entry door lock.


Convenience in Management

The house owner has to pay much effort into running the rental property because the renters would change as time goes by. No matter whether the rental contract is expired, the renters may surrender tenancy for many reasons. Then, when the renters surrender tenancy for many reasons, the house owner needs to upgrade the door lock or change the door lock to prevent the previous renters invade the house and ensure security. When it comes to the moment, you could learn the benefits of the keyless entry door lock. Just a simple operation, the house owner could change the door lock passcode or invalidate the previous RFID cards. Furthermore, the keyless entry for rental property can be managed by the software system. The house owner could manage the rental property without effort.


Less Risk of Lockout

In traditional rental properties, most door locks are conventional keyed door locks. And the renters also often being locked out of the house when they lose the keys or leave the key in the house. By contrast, the keyless entry front door would never put your renters into such a dilemma and you also don't have to come to help your renters. It is because the keyless entry front door locks provide your renter multiple access solutions such as fingerprint, RF cards, smartphones, etc.


Saving in Cost

Generally speaking, when a tenant vacates, part of the standard turnover process is to change the locks. Then, this turnover process cost includes the labor cost and the replacement cost. It would take a certain amount of money. If the house owners would use the commercial keyless entry door lock, all that is needed is a quick code reprogram. Then, the house owners not only could save a large budget of cost but also save their energy and time.


Easy Access for Family and Visitors

To prevent being locked out of the home, most renters may hide a spare key somewhere near the door. Although it provides families with convenience, it still poses a potential security risk. Fortunately, the door keyless entry system can avoid this risk and protect the renters and their personal belongings.

When the renters invite their friends for a visit. The keyless entry house door locks show the benefits that the conventional key door lock doesn’t have. The keyless entry house door locks allow renters set the share code. This share code can be set to valid for a few weeks, hours, or minutes. Also, the renters can revoke them when they need.


Product Recommendation: Keyless Entry Door Locks

Since knowing the pros of keyless entry door locks, you may also want to purchase keyless entry door locks for your properties. In this section, the author would list two superior keyless entry house door locks to let learn more about the benefits of keyless entry door locks.

Digital Touchpad Door Lock

digital touchpad door lock

Be-Tech K6MT digital touchpad door lock is a digital mortise lock that offers three access solutions ---- RF card, touchpad, and mechanical key. Also, it has a built-in Wi-Fi module, so you could remote control the digital touchpad door lock under the connection of Wi-Fi. Therefore, you could see the excellent convenience that you can not find in the conventional keyed door lock. As for security, it does a great job. It provides you with a scramble code function that you could input the random code before or after inputting the correct passwords. And, it provides you with a platform to monitor the accessing history. You can view your lock history, and see a list of users, their assigned codes, and each entry time.



Push Pull Digital Door Lock

push pull digital door lock

This push pull digital door lock adopts auto deadbolt mortise and a 60mm backrest lock case. And, as a residential door lock, the Be-Tech T1 push pull digital door lock has four access solutions, Fingerprint, APP, RF Card key, or PIN code for your convenience. The fingerprint-accessing solution is designed with one-touch fingerprint verification which is a quick and easy verification for access. Then, it has an automatic locking function. When you successfully access the door lock, this push pull digital door lock will lock automatically after opening the door after a few seconds.


Last Thoughts

In the rental property industry, security is the most important factor during the selection of rental property in the eyes of most renters. And, keyless door entry systems are a wise investment for rental owners. If you are planning to start your rental property business and looking for reliable keyless entry door locks, put your trust in Be-Tech. We are one of the leading factories, manufacturers, and suppliers of residential keyless door locks. We offer a wide range of residential keyless entry door locks. Give us a call today to see how Be-Tech can help improve the security level of your rental property.