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How to Choose Residential Door Locks for Your Rental Property?

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  • Date:12/30/2022

When it comes to upgrading your rental property safe from unwanted outsiders, various solutions you can take. Residential security door locks are one of the worthy-to-consider options. In this post, the author would guide you on how to invest in the right residential keyless entry door locks.

1. Frequency of Use of the Door Lock

When you are running your rental property, you can not the issue of frequent tenant turnover. Then, you don't want to exchange the new residential door locks lock every time a new tenant stays, due to the high exchanging price and the time consumption. Therefore, you could choose the commercial door lock system which allows you to set new passwords or invalidate the old keys to decrease the door lock cost.

2. Security

The residential door locks only work and offer security when they stop people from getting in. However, when multiple people have keys, or if the residential door locks have weak lock cases and structures then the security of your property is compromised. Therefore, when you are selecting the house door locks, you need to choose the locks that are hard to pick or break open.

3. Additional Functionality

Whether commercial security door lock systems have any additional function is another important factor when you invest the new residential door locks for your rental properties. The additional functions could benefit you a lot and make you easily manage your rental properties. The additional functions include the anti-panic exit system, scramble code function, lock monitoring, etc. If there are some additional functions in the commercial door locks, you can evaluate these functions whether can help you manage your rental property very well.

4. Backup Keys

When you are running a rental property, you may already know that any accidents can happen. Therefore, a backup key is one of the crucial solutions to encounter accidents. The backup key may help you solve the problems as possible. So, when you invest the commercial keyless entry door locks, you should find out whether they have backup keys.

Product Recommendation: Smart Deadbolt Door Locks

Smart Deadbolt Door Locks

This series of smart deadbolt door locks are the perfect option for the front door of your rental property. The smart deadbolt door locks are specially designed for residential houses. Various accessing methods are available in this smart deadbolt door lock ---- PIN code, fingerprint, and mechanical key. Adding to the WIFI module, it also can be controlled by the smartphone. Therefore, it could offer your renters the most access convenience. Moreover, when your renters are in the house, they could lock and unlock the smart deadbolt door lock by pressing the lock/unlock button located on the back body of the smart door lock. It also has the scramble code function that allows the renters to input random codes before or after the correct password. It is a good combination of security and convenience.

Product Recommendation: Digital Touchpad Door Lock

Digital Touchpad Door Lock

Be-Tech i7A6FMTW digital touchpad door lock offers four access methods to users including mobile key, fingerprint, RF card key, and PIN code. In the fingerprint aspect, it also adopts the one-touch fingerprint verification technology. Then, the keypad also is designed to be an invisible keypad that only shows when the renter touches the screen. This digital touchpad door lock also has a mechanical key override. Therefore, it can be unlocked with a mechanical key in emergencies. Furthermore, there are many additional functions in this digital touchpad door lock. Automatic locking and missing key invalidation are two major functions of this digital touchpad door lock. The digital touchpad door lock can automatically lock after opening for a few seconds. Then, the missing key invalidation function means you can register the new keys and invalidate the lost keys.

Product Recommendation: Digital Door Locks for Home

Digital Door Locks for Home


It may be one of the best keyless door locks for rental properties. This series of door locks is a premium RF card digital door lock with multiple functions. The most outstanding feature of this digital keyless entry lock is the anti-panic function. When the renters are in an emergency, renters simply open the door by turning its handle from the inside. In the accessing solutions, it offers two access solutions including an RF card key and PIN code. To improve access security, this digital keyless entry lock also has a fake PIN code function. In other words, the house owner and renter can set the instant PIN code for security. It also had the operation status notification which can inform your operations with the LED indicators.


As the landlord, ensuring the rental property and the tenant’s security is one of your priorities. After all, protecting your property and providing residential security door locks to ensure the safety of the renters are landlords' obligations. Then, many factors contribute to the selection of residential security locks for doors. If you are planning to invest the high security residential door locks, you can come to consult Be-Tech. Be-Tech is one of the leading residential door lock manufacturers in China, you can entrust Be-Tech to design the keyless entry security system for your rental properties.