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How to Choose the Right Hotel Door Lock System for Your Hotels?

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  • Date:09/22/2023

Most hotel owners, even motel owners often encounter challenges from the management and security, because the hotel is a long-term business relating to marketing and staffing, and maintenance. Then, the hotel door lock system is one of the solutions to help hotel owners and motel owners. Then, in this post, you can discover the secret of the hotel door lock system.

What is A Hotel Door Lock System?

A hotel door lock system, also known as a keyless entry system, is a security system used in hotels and other hospitality establishments to control access to guest rooms and other secured areas. The hotel door lock system consists of a series of customized locks, keys, and user credentials.

What is The Importance of Secure Hotel Door Lock System?

It is important for hoteliers to choose the right and secure hotel door lock system. It is no doubt that the hotel door lock system can reduce the security pressure from the safeguards and help hoteliers manage the hotel in an organized way.

In some emergencies, the hotel door lock system also helps hoteliers handle the emergencies a lot. If there is a fire, the hoteliers can immediately unlock all the hotel door locks to give guests an escape access channel. In the intrusion event, the hoteliers also can limit the authorization to restrict the access of illegal visitors.

Moreover, compared with the traditional door lock system, the electronic hotel door lock system eliminates the risk of being copied and stolen. The key card can be invalidated. In other words, if the guest's key card gets lost or stolen, the hoteliers can invalidate the old key card and encode the new key card for guests.

Thus, this electronic hotel door lock system can minimize the expense associated with replacement hotel door locks and ensures guests and their belongings are afforded a reasonable degree of personal security.

Some Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing a Hotel Door Lock System

An array of hotel door lock systems are flooded in the hotel security market. It may be difficult for hoteliers to choose the right and suitable hotel door lock system. In this section, the author lists some factors that hoteliers need to consider when choosing the hotel door lock system.



Security should be prioritized during the selection of the hotel door lock system. Most guests are often traveling with large amounts of cash and valuable items like jewelry or electronics, so they don't hope their property is stolen and have an insecure hotel experience.


To ensure the security of the hotel door lock system, you should first look at the durability of the hotel door locks. The durability of the hotel door locks can ensure the door locks withstand frequent use. The materials and physical structure almost determine the durability of the hotel door locks. Therefore, you need to check the physical structure of the hotel door locks.


Moreover, the hoteliers also should pay attention to the working temperature of the hotel locks. The hoteliers should find electronic hotel door locks that can withstand any weather conditions. Otherwise, the poor quality electronic hotel door locks may not work in some extreme conditions, as a result, the thief can find a chance to sneak into the hotel room or the guest can not go outside.



Convenience is the key to hospitality, so it is important to consider convenience in the selection of hotel door lock systems. The convenience of electronic hotel locks should be affected by two aspects ---- accessing convenience and management convenience.


All the guests in the hotels also want a happy traveling experience and enjoy themselves in the strange city. If the electronic hotel locks are hard to access, guests may get angry and have a bad impression of the hotel.


As for management convenience, the electronic hotel locks should be easy to install and help hoteliers manage the hotel rooms. The reason why electronic hotel locks should be easy to install is to prevent accidents from happening when staff replace the hotel door locks and also to reduce the installation time and labor cost.

The electronic hotel locks also should be engineered to be low maintenance and have some features to help hoteliers manage the hotels better.



Cost is the third important factor. Due to the various price and design of the hotel door locks systems, the hoteliers should set the price range and determine the hotel style to find a suitable hotel door locks system. For example, the motel can find an economical and inexpensive hotel key card lock as a hotel room door lock. The basic key card lock can meet the motel's needs.


As for the luxury hotels, the hoteliers can choose customizable hotel door lock or wireless hotel door lock which have relatively high prices. The wireless hotel door lock can splendid into the modern hotel design very well, meanwhile helping the hotel build up a reliable and modern access control system.


Product Recommendation: Wireless Hotel Door Lock

Wireless Hotel Door Lock

This China wireless hotel lock is a perfect option to help large-scale hotels and commercial buildings build up a wireless hotel lock system. With various features and modern components, the wireless hotel lock can meet the diverse demands of access control, enhanced security, and streamlined operations for your property.


First, the wireless hotel lock system constructed by wireless hotel door locks provides a convenient and useful management solution. The wireless hotel door lock helps hoteliers build up a centralized hotel management system. All the guest and master cards can be authorized and invalidated from one central location. And, the guest keycards can be assigned to different rooms and be expended by the online system, which requires no card re-encoding. Moreover, the wireless hotel door lock offers multi-room check-in cards to hoteliers, enabling efficient management of multiple rooms for guests.


Second, the China wireless hotel lock is a reliable safeguard for hotels. The wireless hotel door lock helps hotels build up a 24/7 activity feed system, so it can keep track of who goes where and when with the activity feed in real time. Supported by the network and large scale of data, the wireless hotel door lock is able to analyze valuable data and manage and access multiple sites within the same single platform.


Third, the wireless hotel door lock has two working systems to ensure normal working on any occasion. One is the online system and the other one is an offline system. The wireless hotel door lock makes full use of the network technology and creates an online system to achieve all the operations you want.


The offline system is a backup solution for the online system when the network breakdown. The offline system requires no network for the locks. In other words, without any network, the wireless hotel door lock achieves the check-in offline keycard on the service and unlocks specific rooms.


Product Recommendation: Hotel Room Electric Lock

This hotel room electric lock is specially designed for modern hospitality. Manufactured with the utmost precision, this cutting-edge lock is tailored for hotels that demand perfection in every aspect of their guest experience.


The Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series hotel room electric lock is a symbol of contemporary elegance. Its sleek and sophisticated design effortlessly integrates with your hotel's décor, enhancing the overall ambiance of your corridors. With its aesthetic lock, the SHADOW II RFID Series hotel room electric lock elevates your establishment's image, reflecting a commitment to modernity and sophistication.


At Be-Tech, we understand that less is often more when it comes to door hardware. The SHADOW II RFID Series hotel room electric lock offers architects and designers unparalleled design freedom while minimizing its appearance on the door. This innovation is a testament to our dedication to preserving the aesthetics of your hotel's doors.


The hotel room electric lock presents an elegant appearance, meanwhile offering advanced and future-proof security and management features. The hotel room electric lock has re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory, powered by four AA batteries that offer up to 1 year of normal usage. With a 1000-event audit trail and compatibility with the BIS HOTEL software platform, you have complete control and monitoring at your fingertips. Plus, for added security, a high-security mechanical override cylinder is available.


Product Recommendation: Hotel Electronic Keyless Locks

Hotel Electronic Keyless Locks

Our electronic lock stands alone in its class, powered by advanced RFID technology for unparalleled security. The hotel electronic keyless locks make good use of 13.56MHz RFID technology, setting new standards for efficiency and ease of use. The hotel electronic keyless locks are compliant with the renowned ISO 14443 A standard (MIFARE Classic), ensuring seamless compatibility with a wide range of systems.


The hotel electronic keyless locks are designed to meet various styles of hotels such as businesses, resorts, spas, etc. They not only be compatible with various key card carriers but also effortlessly interface BASE RFID keycards with other applications in the hotel, enhancing convenience


In summary, this series of hotel electronic keyless locks are engineered to streamline the hotel management system and improve hotel experience.


A good hotel hotel door lock system can benefit hotel owners a lot. Then, to construct a reliable hotel door lock system, it is necessary to get the right hotel door locks. Be-Tech is awarded as one of the most significant hotel door lock system manufacturers in China. With a professional team and powerful product, Be-Tech can help you build up a high-security and stable hotel door lock system.