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How to Choose the Right Rfid Door Locks for Office

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  • Date:09/28/2022

You may be like most of us, you may still use a traditional metal key to unlock your house. Until now, the traditional mechanical key still is an effective and inexpensive accessing method to secure a single-family home. However, when comes to commercial buildings or offices, the metal key is tricky accessing way for heavy-traffic access.

Luckily, in recent years, major progress in the internet and digital technology has introduced a more convenient accessing method ---- commercial rfid door lock system for humans to handle the need of accessing commercial spaces.

But, most of you also get trouble finding the right office door lock, because various brands and designs rfid commercial door locks are flooded in the market. To help you find the right and best office door locks, the author would list some main factors you need to take into consideration. To make a long story short, let's see the below content.

Online or Offline

This is the first factor you need to consider because it is the main benefit of internet technology. The online means you could control the rfid electronic door lock remotely and read the accessing record. You don't need to worry about whether or not you forgot to lock the door when you are outside. Then, you also could know who and when to access the door lock. As for the offline rfid electronic door lock, it uses stand-alone technology, so it may have less possibility of being hacked.

Wired or Wireless

Some office door locking systems are hard-wired to electrical sources or the local server. Powered by local electricity, there is no need to change batteries regularly. However, if the office door locking system has no backup batteries, the system can’t work once the local power outage (or even purposeful sabotage).

Authorization Levels

As we all know, all business has their business secret which is known by a few employees. Fortunately, the keyless electronic door lock allows the business owner set the authorization and limit the accessing areas of employees. For example, the office door lock system allows all employees can get into the front door, but only granted employees can access the server room.

Emergency Solution

If your company is located on a high floor, you need to pay more attention to this factor. It is because when some accidents happen such as fire, the staff may need to act faster than the people who work in low-rise buildings. Then, quick access is important during the escape. Therefore, you should focus on the emergency solution of the keyless electronic door lock. For example, the Be-Tech rfid office door lock has the panic release function. The deadbolt and latch can automatically be retracted by operating the inside handle for easy regress in emergencies.

Product Recommendation: RFID Office Door Lock

Although you may clearly understand how to choose the right rfid door lock, you may still find difficulty in finding the excellent rfid electronic door lock which makes great performance in the above factors. In this section, the author would list some great rfid electronic door locks for you.

1. Wireless Online Electronic Door Lock


This rfid office electronic door lock is the wireless online door, so it means you not only be allowed to manage the door lock remotely but also could don't worry about the local power outage (or even purposeful sabotage). By the way, it also has an offline solution. The offline issue card provides a backup solution for the properties in case of network breakdown. It is specially designed for all types of properties like commercial, public, and industrial buildings. Therefore, it would be the perfect security solution for the large-scale company’s offices. Furthermore, this online keyless electronic rfid door lock is able to keep track of who goes where and when with the activity feed in real-time, your property is secured 24/7. In other words, it would safeguard your office for the whole day. Even at midnight, it still keeps its duty.

2. GUARDIAN RFID Elegant Series Rfid Office Door Lock


With a worldwide popular slim design, this rfid access control door lock is the perfect option for simple style or modern style offices. It also provides very few aesthetic alternatives to maximize guests' impressions and take the user-interface experience to a new level. Meanwhile, the elegant series rfid office door lock provides you with the most complete information. You can check information on the handheld service terminal for better collecting information and management such as every record audit trail, low battery status, real-time clock adjustment, etc.

3.BASE RFID TYPICAL Rfid Security Door Locks


BASE RFID TYPICAL security door locks are relatively more affordable. This series of door locks adopt the latest Radio Frequency Identification technology and a typical outline design. Also, it has advanced anti-hacker technology. The rfid security door locks don’t allow re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside escutcheon, so it could protect some important space from illegal invasion. Also, this series of door locks provide a more convenient accessing method with the help of Mifare contactless technology. The employees don't need to insert a keycard to access it.


In conclusion, the rfid door locks are the most advance and convenient accessing method for the office. And when comes to the selection of the rfid door locks, you need to take mentioned factors into your consideration. They are the golden rule to get the right rfid door locks for your office.

If you still have no idea about the selection of rfid door locks for your office, you could come to consult Be-Tech, one of the leading rfid door lock manufacturers in China. Be-Tech could design an ideal commercial rfid door lock system for your office.