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How to Select Smart Door Lock for Aparments?

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  • Date:10/25/2022

Smart door locks are becoming in popularity, and the reasons are obvious. They provide the most access and management convenience at the same time ensure security for the buildings like apartments. However, a variety of smart door locks has flooded the market, how do you know which features are important and which smart lock to choose? In this post, the author would list some important factors that you need to notice during the selection of the smart door lock.

Whether the Battery is Durable?

The battery is the key factor you need to take into consideration. After all, very few families would design to run the electrical wiring right to their doors to provide the power to the smart door lock. Many factors could affect the battery life. Then, connection integrations are one of the most crucial factors.WIFI and Bluetooth are common connection integrations in the smart door lock. Then, the WIFI tends to consume more power to run. And, Bluetooth uses relatively little power but also features a lower bandwidth. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what kind of battery the door lock use. If the smart entry door locks are equipped with the WIFI module, you need to find out whether there is a backup battery plan to ensure the smart door lock works well.

And, no matter what type of smart door locks for apartments you choose, you should find one that has a low-battery indicator that could notify you when the battery needs to be replaced. The indicator light is an important feature because it is used to prevent you from being locked out due to a dead battery.



Is Smart Door Lock Compatible with Your Door?

Compatibility is the most crucial factor in the selection of a smart door lock. If the smart door lock can not be installed on your door, it makes no sense. Therefore, before choosing the smart lock for the apartment door, you should measure the door thickness.


Whether Smart Door Lock is Able to Integrate with Other Access Control Technology

It also can be used for evaluating whether the smart door lock is smart enough to fit into your apartment. And, the apartment door smart lock is integrated with other access control technology that could improve access convenience and the tenant and staff experience in your apartment building.

By the way, you also could find out whether the apartment smart door lock has a mechanical key override. Although physical keys are a thing of the past, we still need a backup plan in case of an accident happens.

Whether the Smart Door Lock is Durable

The durability of the smart keyless door lock nearly determines how long the smart door lock can work for your apartment and affect the appearance of your apartment.

It is because the smart door lock likely is installed outside and is susceptible to weather extremes and vandalism. Also, as functional house furniture, it is frequently used, so you need to ensure the smart keyless door lock is durable enough. To check whether the smart door lock is durable, you could evaluate it from the material.

Stainless steel, zinc alloy, and aluminum alloy are the three commonly used materials in the door lock. Stainless steel has a good performance in anti-prying and fire prevention. However, it restricts the designer design concept, so most stainless steel smart door locks tend to have a simple design. Zinc alloy has a relatively soft texture and smooth surface. Then, it provides the designers with relatively great freedom. Therefore, the style of zinc alloy apartment smart door lock varies from traditional to modern, so you always find a good one to fit your apartment. Aluminum alloy apartment smart door lock is relatively affordable and works the good in security.


Pricing is an inevitable factor when you are choosing the smart lock for the apartment door. And the price of the apartment door smart lock depends on functionality, features, installation, connectivity, and required equipment. If you want to purchase affordable and multi-function smart door locks, you could contact Be-Tech. Be-Tech is reckoned as one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers in China, trusted by thousands of clients from all over the world.


Product Recommendation: Smart Door Lock

Although you had known the golden rule of selecting a smart door lock, you may hard to determine which type of door lock you purchase. In this section, the author will recommend three great smart door locks for apartments.

Digital Smart Door Lock

Digital Smart Door Lock


This digital smart door lock offers three access solutions ---- fingerprint, RF card key, or PIN code. Therefore, you could access the digital smart door lock with multiple access technologies. In the fingerprint access technology, this digital smart door lock also supports one-touch fingerprint verification to create the most access convenience for you. And, this digital smart door lock is designed to have an operation status notification. Each operation is done, then the LED indicator will inform you what is happening through different colors and signs. It also has a low battery warning signal to notify you it is time to replace the batteries.



Smart Deadbolt Door Lock


Smart Deadbolt Door Lock

Smart deadbolt door lock offers four accessing solutions ---- smartphone, PIN code, fingerprint, and mechanical key. Equipped with a Wi-Fi module (TUYA), the smart deadbolt door lock not only can be unlocked or locked by the smartphone but also set temporary passwords. When your friends or relatives come to visit you but you are not at your house. You could give your guests temporary passwords. The temporary passwords can be for a period of validity of a few weeks, hours, or minutes. Also, you could remote control the door any time and anywhere. Furthermore, with the Wi-Fi module (TUYA), you also can view the access records, a list of users, and the assigned codes. As you know, the WIFI module consumes relatively high power. To prevent the battery dies, the smart deadbolt door lock has a USB battery backup plan. When the batteries run out, the smart deadbolt door lock still is energized with a power backup.

Digital Keyless Smart Door Lock

Digital Keyless Smart Door Lock


The digital keyless smart door lock has high compatibility. It is applicable to various mechanical mortises. In other words, it fits with different self-locking mechanical mortise/lock cases whose cylinder center has a distance with the door handle center is 68-93.5mm. It can be installed in the 40-80 mm thick door panel. Four accessing solutions are available in the digital keyless smart door lock----Bluetooth key, Fingerprint, RF Card key, and PIN code. The keyless entry smart door lock has a low battery warning signal. When the keyless entry smart door lock works at the low power status, the door lock would make a continuous “beep” sound to notify you to replace batteries.


Smart door locks are a great security solution to improve the way you access your apartment. However, to select the right keyless smart door locks, you need to take full consideration of all aspects. If you want to get an excellent smart door lock for an apartment, you could contact Be-Tech. Be-Tech is a smart door lock manufacturer, focusing on designing and developing smart door locks.