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How to Choose Keyless Interior Door Locks?

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  • Date:11/28/2022

A good keyless interior door lock should perform excellently in two aspects. The first one is it should secure your door and protect your private room. The second one is it should provide you with the accessing convenience. The author will guide you on how to choose the right keyless interior door lock.

Determine the Budget You Can Afford

Determining the price range of the keyless interior door lock you plan to purchase helps you narrow your selection. Then, you don't have to be flooded with a variety of interior home door locks. By the way, some good keyless interior door locks also have low prices, because of an intensely competitive market in the door lock. Therefore, you don't have to buy expensive keyless interior door locks for security. 


The bedroom is the most private room in the whole house. Therefore, privacy is one of the most important factors in the selection of interior door security locks. And the keyless entry home lock is an ideal option. The keyless entry interior door locks offer multiple methods to open, including biometric fingerprints, keypads, and mobile apps. The keyless entry interior door locks are the ideal option for keeping your room from your pesky siblings and roommates that you don't fully trust because you could authorize the accessing users and change the passwords periodically.

Product Recommendation: Bedroom Keyless Door Lock

If you are wondering where to buy the best locks for a bedroom door. You could find Be-Tech. Fortunately, Be-Tech newly launches a series of interior keyless interior door locks. In this section, the author would give an introduction to Be-Tech products.

Keyless Entry Touchpad Door Lock



The keyless entry touchpad door lock offers three access solutions ---- RF card, touchpad, and mechanical key. As one of the latest internal keyless interior door locks, it is specially designed with multiple functions for security. First, it has an auto-locking function. In other words, the door lock automatically locks the door after 30 seconds by default. The door lock also allows you to set auto lock time between 3 and 30 seconds. Second, it works well with the IoT. Connecting with the Wi-Fi module (TUYA), the keyless entry touchpad door lock has the indoor electronic double lock switch function. When the indoor electronic double lock switch is activated, the keyless entry touchpad door lock only unlocks by the master code. Third, It is equipped with monitoring components. You could view the accessing history, the list of users, assigned codes, and each accessing entry time. When someone tries to access your room, the door lock would alert you in real-time. Fourth, it has the scramble code function. You could randomly input digits before or after the input of the correct access code.


Indoor Touchpad Entry Door Lock


indoor touchpad entry door lock


This matte black indoor touchpad entry door lock has a 50mm backset lock case and digital mortise lock. And, four major accessing solutions are available in this matt black indoor touchpad entry door lock. You could use the following methods to access the door lock: PIN code, RFID card, fingerprint, and mechanical key. And, you also can access and manage the door lock with the smartphone after the addition of the WIFI module to this door lock. After the connection with the WIFI module, you could remote control this indoor touchpad entry door lock. You could unlock your door with a few flicks of the finger on the application. The indoor touchpad entry door lock also has a mute function. You could turn off the sound effect to prevent someone notices your operation. And, this interior door touch pad lock is also equipped with an indoor electronic double lock switch. Therefore, it could safeguard your private room from other people. Then, if you want to invite some friends to your room, you could set temporary codes for your friends. The temporary codes can last for a few weeks, hours, or minutes. Then, you also can invalidate the codes at any time.


In one word, the best keyless interior door lock should be the one that best meets your needs and provides the security and convenience that you desire. The author hopes this post could help you find the dream keyless interior door lock. Then, if you still have no idea about which type of keyless interior door lock you buy, you could buy a Be-Tech keyless interior door lock without hesitation. Be-Tech is a China interior keyless interior door locks manufacturer, specializing in developing interior door locks since 1992.