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How to Enhance Your House Front Door Security?

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  • Date:02/10/2023

When it comes to improving your house security, the front door is the first aspect you need to consider. It is because the front door is the easiest point to access and will be the first port of call for intruders who are looking to gain entry into your home. In this post, the author would guide you on how to take action to improve your house's front door security.

Replace the Creaky Door

A wide range of front house doors is available in the door market. The wooden doors are easily prone to rot or split after years of use and are not strong enough to withstand a sharp kick or shove. Then, the glass doors also easily get a break. Therefore, you need to check your door regularly to ensure it's normally working. If your wooden door gets creaky, it is time to replace it with a stronger door.

Out of consideration of security, a solid-core door made of wood, steel, or even fiberglass with a wood core is highly recommended. Then, steel security doors are a good option, because they are difficult to crack or break through.

Replace the Old Door Frame

Every swing of the door relies on the door hardware attached to the door frame. Then, each time the opening and closing of door, the door frame also gets affected. After long-term use, the door frame gets worn such as splitting or cracking, shifting when the door is opened or closed, or moving when the door is pulled. Because of it, the security level of the front door would get decrease. Also, when the door frame gets worn, the theft easily breaks into your house by disassembling the door hinge.

Ensure the Door Hinges Inside the Home

As above mentioned, the exposure of the door hardware would weaken the attachment between the door and the door frame. Therefore, you could install the door hinges inside the home to prevent sun exposure and prolong the hardware lifespan.

Install A Door Chain and a Deadbolt

Typically, a door is equipped with a handle set with a twist or push-button lock in the handle.  Although it is easy to use, it is still not durable enough to withstand the impact of external force. Furthermore, it may be not able to keep the door closed under pressure. Therefore, a door chain and a deadbolt is highly recommended. A door chain would prevent an intruder push past and gain access to your home once the door is open. Then, the deadbolt is regarded as one of the most durable door locks in the world. It withstands the impact of external force very well.

Install a Wide-Angle Peephole

The wide-angle peephole could let you have a good view of your front entryway. You could see who is knocking and where they were standing by the wide-angle peephole.

Invest in a Video Doorbell System

Investing in a video doorbell system is a popular option in many families. The video doorbell system is ideally installed on the front door, as well as in and around your home. With this system, you could let you aware of what is going on in your town and your backyard. Cooperating with the front door keyless entry system, you even can open your front door for your guests.

Upgrade Your House Door Lock

Due to its special mechanical system, the house door lock is a key factor to ensure your house security or improve your house security. However, with years of heavy use, the tumblers and lock mechanisms in the door lock inevitably wear down and be less secure. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the door lock conditions and consider whether it should be replaced. Also, if your house door lock is a conventional door lock, you also could replace it with an electronic house door lock to improve access convenience and security. In the following sections, the author would list three of the best electronic residential door locks.

Product Recommendation: Biometric Digital Door Lock

This biometric digital door lock is an ultimate security solution that offers unmatched convenience and safety. Three access solutions, including fingerprint, RF Card key, or PIN code overcomes the drawbacks of conventional keys, letting you access freely. The one-touch fingerprint verification technology allows you to effortlessly read your fingerprint in one shot, making entry quick and easy. Stay informed about every operation with an LED indicator, which informs you of every action through different colors and signs. The scramble code in the biometric digital door lock feature allows you to enter random numbers prior to the right code, ensuring no one else can access your home. The biometric digital door lock also has an automatic locking system that ensures your door is locked automatically after opening for a few seconds, providing you with added security. However, manual operation is available if needed. With the missing key invalidation feature, you can rest easy knowing that once you lose your key, it has no validation, as long as you re-register the rest of your keys.


Product Recommendation: Digital Touchpad Door Lock


This digital touchpad door lock offers you various access options, including a smartphone, PIN code, RFID card, fingerprint, and mechanical key, you have multiple choices to suit your preferences. Smartphone unlocking is also available with the addition of a WIFI module. The mute function allows you to turn off or on the beep sound as per your preference. The mute function allows you to turn off or on the beep sound as per your preference.

In the security aspects, multiple modern security functions are offered by this digital touchpad door lock. First, this digital touchpad door lock also is designed with the scramble code function which enables you to enter random digits before or after the correct access code, ensuring no one can access your home without your permission. What’s more, this digital touchpad door lock comes with a connected WIFI module (TUYA), allowing for IOT use without additional hubs. Second, this door lock also has a built-in indoor electronic double lock switch ensuring that only the master code can unlock the lock when activated. Third, it also has a locks monitoring function, allowing the house owners to view lock history and get real-time alerts when someone accesses their home with our locks monitoring feature. Furthermore, the door lock sharing option allows you to share a code with friends and guests, valid for a few weeks, hours, or minutes, and revoke them whenever necessary. You never have to worry about lost, stolen, or copied keys again.

Product Recommendation: Push-Pull Digital Door Lock


This push-pull digital door lock is a great option for those people who want convenience and security. The push-pull digital door lock offers four convenient access solutions: Fingerprint, APP, RF Card key, and PIN code. You could remotely control it via your mobile phone. In convenience, the push-pull digital door lock is designed with multiple access technologies. First, there is a one-touch fingerprint verification technology in the door lock, so you can easily read your fingerprint in one shot. Second, it has an invisible keypad. In other words, the keypad number is invisible and can only be seen when you touch the screen with your palm. Third, it also has a scramble code function. The scramble code feature allows you to enter random numbers prior to the right code when there is a chance of exposing it to others. Forth, the losing key invalidation function in this door lock also prevents the key-losing issue. Once you re-register the rest of your keys, the lost key will no longer be valid.


There are 7 useful methods to help you improve your house's front door security. You could accordingly to adjust your doors or install these items on your doors to improve your house security. Then, upgrading your residential front door locks may be the most direct and practical method to improve your house's security.