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How to Install Electronic Digital Door Lock?

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  • Date:12/31/2022

When you are planning to upgrade your door lock system, you may worry about the installation of the electronic digital door lock. As a matter of fact, the designers have already considered this situation and specially designed the electronic keyless entry door lock tends to be easy to install. Then, the author would take the K5FMT electronic touchpad door lock to show you how to install an electronic digital door lock.

K5FMT Electronic Touchpad Door Lock

Electronic Digital Door Lock

Step 1: Check the Opening Direction of the Door

To avoid the wrong installation of the door lock, you need to check the door’s opening direction. If the front body is fastened on the left, it's left opening. By contrast, if it is fastened on the right, it’s right opening.


Step 2: Accordingly Change the Direction for the front body

●Loosen the screw with the Allen key, then take out the handle.

●Change the handle direction and install o the front body, fix it with a handle screw.

●Screw out the clutch screw, and fix it into the other clutch hole.

●Tip: Please check the correct position of the clutch screw in the different opening directions.


Step 3: Change the Direction of the Back Body

●Loosen the handle screw and turn the handle into another direction.

●Use the Allen key to fix the handle with a handle screw.


Step 4: Assemble Front Body

●Insert the spindle into the clutch, then make the steel pin through the clutch hole and spindle hole.

●Make sure the steel pin is through the spindle hole and clutch hole, then ben the tail of the steel pin.

●Install 2 mounting posts and 1 upper mounting post to the front body.


Step 5: Insert The Electronic Digital Door Lock Mortise

Insert the door lock mortise into the door hole and fix it with ST3.5*25 screws.


Step 6: Install The Front Body of the Electronic Digital Door Lock

●Combine the front body with a rubber plate and hold it on the door.

●Make sure the connector-A and spindle are through the door hole.


Step 7: Install the Back Body of the Electronic Digital Door Lock

Combine the back body with a rubber plate and hold it on the door, then make connector-A combine with Connector-B, making sure the spindle can insert the back handle. Then fix the back body with a screw.


Step 8: Check the Back Body Stable

●Rotate the handle to make sure the screw can fix the back body.

●Tips: Take care of the handle when fixing the screw to avoid scraping the handle.


Step 9: Place Battery

Put 4 batteries into the battery case and close the battery cover.


Step 10: Install the Buckle Box

Put the buckle box into the door hole, and fix the strike plate and buckle box with 2 screws.


Step 11: Double Check Whether the Door Lock Rightly and smoothly Open


FAQs in the Electronic Digital Door Lock

After the installation, you may also confuse about the following operation in the digital door lock. In this section, the author would ask a series of frequently asked questions about this series of the electronic digital door lock.


How to Enable & disable Privacy Mode in the Electronic Digital Door Lock?

Enable: switch on the back cover plate

Disable: Two methods are available to disable privacy mode. The first one is manually switching on the back cover plate. The second one is to enter the master password and rotate the handle to open the door.


How to Enable & Disable Passage Mode?

Enable Passage Mode: Enter master password #5#00#

Disable Passage Mode: Set auto-lock time


How to Set Auto-Lock Time?

The self-locking function is to re-lock the unlocking door after a specified time(3-30 seconds). To set the auto-locking time, you need to enter master password # 5# time (3-30)# master password #.


Last Thought

As you see, in some models of door locks, 11 steps can let you perfectly install the electronic digital door lock. Therefore, you don't have to worry too much about the installation of the keyless electronic digital door lock. By the way, you need to consult your supplier about how to install an electronic digital door lock in advance, in case of purchasing the wrong electronic digital door lock.

As one of the leading electronic door lock suppliers in China, Be-Tech has launched a series of keyless electronic digital door locks that are easy to install. If you want to get the price and more info about the keyless electronic digital door locks, please contact Be-Tech!  Tel: +86-757-28376123