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What are the Best Electronic Door Lock for Airbnb Properties?

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  • Date:01/20/2023

Airbnb not only could make good use of the property but also provides travelers with a simple and convenient accommodation option. Placing your vacant house or room on Airbnb is an excellent solution for generating extra income. However, this project would take much of your time and bring some security challenges to your properties.

Then, the quality digital smart commercial door locks would benefit you a lot. In this post, the author would list some digital door locks which are perfect for Airbnb properties use.

What is Airbnb Property?

Currently, the Airbnb hotel is a hot trend in the rental property field. Just like the “Air Bed and Breakfast,” it is a service that helps property owners rent out their available properties to travelers looking for a place to stay. In this service, the traveler can rent a space for multiple people to share, a shared space with private rooms, or the entire property for themselves. Then, a new business mode also requires a new security system to meet its security needs.

Product Recommendation: Digital Deadbolt Door Lock

Digital Deadbolt Door Lock

This digital deadbolt door lock is perfect for commodity housing for Airbnb. Four accessing solutions are available in this smart digital deadbolt door lock ---- smartphones, PIN codes, fingerprints, and mechanical keys. Therefore, the traveler can open and close the door with multiple access methods and the house owners could open the door with mechanical keys in emergencies. Equipped with a WIFI Module for IoT use, the digital deadbolt door lock allows you to set the shared passcode which can be valid for a few weeks, hours, or minutes. Then, the traveler can use the temporary passcode to access the house and the house owner doesn't have to worry about accessing potential risks. Also, it supports remote control. In other words, the house owner can unlock or lock the door online.

In the management, the deadbolt digital lock records the access history. Then, the house owner is able to view the list of users, their assigned codes, and each entry time. Also, there is a real-time alert function on the door lock. The deadbolt digital lock has the auto-lock function, so it would lock automatically after 4 seconds by default. It can ensure the closing of the door. Then, the auto-lock time can be set between 3 and 30 seconds if necessary.

Product Recommendation: Digital Door House Lock

Digital Door House Lock

Be-Tech M1B1FMT digital door house lock offers four access solutions ---- Bluetooth key, Fingerprint, RF Card key, and PIN code. This digital door house lock also allows users to configure and unlock the lock via mobile phone. The digital door house lock has high compatibility in the installation, so it fits with different kinds of self-locking mechanical mortise/lock cases whose mortise’s measurement from cylinder center to handle center is 68-93.5mm.

Adopting advanced security technologies, the digital door house lock has multiple great functions to provide house owners and travelers with convenience. First, it can invalidate the missing key. Once the traveler or house owner lost the key card, the house owner can invalidate the lost card and activate the rest of the keys.


Product Recommendation: Digital Mortise Door Lock


The digital mortise door lock has two colors. The first one is coffee gold, and the second one is matte black. Adopting advanced security technologies, the digital mortise door lock has multiple great functions to provide house owners and travelers with convenience. Three access solutions are available in this digital mortise door lock such as fingerprint, RF card key, and PIN code. In the access, the digital mortise door lock is designed to have one-touch fingerprint verification which easily reads a fingerprint in one shot. Then, it is designed with an invisible keypad. The keypad only shows when the visitor touches the screen with the palm.

Then, in the security, as a fingerprint security door lock, it has multiple security functions. First, it has the scramble code. The guest can input the random digits before the correct passwords. The house owner and traveler can input the random numbers prior to the right code when there is a chance of exposing it to others. Second, there is an anti-panic exit system. In emergencies, the guest can turn the inside door handle to open the door. And, it has an alert system that the door lock would alarm last for 60 seconds when someone tries to open the lock with an incorrect fingerprint, RF Card, or PIN code 5 times. Third, it has a missing key invalidation function. This function would let you use other new keys and invalidate the lost keys. Once the traveler or house owner lost the key card, the house owner can invalidate the lost card and activate the rest of the keys. Then, the house owner doesn't have to exchange the door lock to prevent illegal breaking risks. Fourth, it also offers an automatic locking function. The door lock can automatically lock after a few seconds.


All in all, Running an Airbnb would take up much of your time. The best digital door lock for Airbnb can help you solve a series of potential security issues and management problems. And, the commercial digital door lock not only can save your energy and time but also offer your guests a streamlined experience.