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What is Keypad Door Lock?

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  • Date:10/24/2022

The main purpose of a keypad door lock is to ensure the facility or property is secure and provides the accessing convenience. And, if you plan to purchase the right keypad entry door lock, you need to get a full understanding of it. In this post, the author is going to give a full introduction to the keypad door lock.

What is a Keypad Door Lock?

Keypad door locks require no mechanical but a numerical code. Only visitors who have the correct codes are allowed entry to a facility or property. The visitors input the codes via a numerical door lock keypad. If the input code is correct, the door lock of the keypad door lock deadbolt should release.

Advantages of Keypad Locks Work

Compared with the traditional mechanical door lock, commercial keypad door locks greatly change the security system with their countless advantages. In this section, the author would list their benefits

The Convenience of A Keyless Entry System

The ultimate benefit of commercial door keypad locks is helping build the keyless entry system and providing the most convenience. The electronic keypad door locks eliminate the necessity for keys, so you don't have to carry or keep track of the mechanical keys. Also, you could set temporary codes for your children or guests instead of giving them mechanical keys.

Higher Security Level

The keypad door lock has a different keypad door lock home hardware design than other types of door locks ---- it has no cylinder mechanisms. It means that leaves no chance for theft to pry or bump the door lock. Also, there is no potential risk created by the missing keys. And, you don't have to worry too much about the missing keys issue.

Enhanced Durability

As time goes by, the traditional mechanical keys and lock case wear down. You also find it difficult to get them to turn and keep the function properly. The high-durability key lock and keypad both have longer service life than the traditional mechanical key door lock.

Easy to Install

Most house owners may think if they want to upgrade the house door lock system with keypad door locks, they have to major adjustments to doors or frames. As a matter of fact, most keyless keypad door lock manufacturers also consider this question and produce user-friendly keypad door locks. Simple steps can install the keypad door lock to your door.

Work Well with Management System

The keypad door lock can play a role of an access control system. You could restrict the entry permission during a specific time period. Interior keypad door locks also can be installed in the interior of a commercial building to restrict the accessing to certain parts of the facility.

What’s the Cost of Keypad Door Locks?

Generally speaking, keypad door locks are relatively more expensive than traditional mechanical door locks, because they are designed with current advanced technology. The price of keypad door locks is different because keypad door locks have different features, functions, and brands. You could contact the keypad door lock factory to get the price.  

How to Prevent Your Keypad Lock From Being Hacked?

In the security system, there is no security product that is 100% unhackable in certain. Furthermore, if the thief has rich experience, enough time to observe your house, and the right tools to pick your door, your commercial keyless entry system is still breakable. To prevent your keypad door lock from being hacked, you can follow these tips to ensure the security of your door lock.

Regularly Change Your Passcode

You could change your passcode regularly, so you could reduce the wear on the keypad. Also, cleaning the keypad is suggested, in case of dust accumulation on the keys that are not in use. It is because the theft may guess your passcodes according to the trace on the keypad.

Use Hard to Guess Passwords

You had better use passwords that don’t follow any particular pattern or have any text. The thief may easy to guess the passwords based on your life pattern. The best passwords in the keypad lock door are usually longer (more than six characters), with different combinations of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and symbols.

Add A Second Layer of Security

To ensure the security of your property and your safety, you need to design a second layer of security. And, it involves the camera, door and window sensors, and motion sensors. If you have enough budget, you can purchase other modern security products to make good cooperation with the keypad door lock.

Product Recommendation: Keypad Deadbolt Door Lock



This keypad deadbolt door lock offers two accessing methods: PIN code and mechanical key. There also is the vacation mode in the keypad door lock. When you go out for a trip, you could set this mode. During this mode, the visitors need to input two groups of passwords for access. Also, the keypad door lock has a scramble code function. You could input random digits before or after the correct access code. And, the keypad door lock is able to automatically lock the door. Furthermore, it has a backup design, which can be energized with a power backup when you forget to replace the batteries. According to this product, you can learn that the keypad deadbolt door lock is the useful security guard for residential house.


Product Recommendation: Smart Keypad Door Lock


This smart keypad door lock offers three accessing methods: smartphone, PIN code, and mechanical key. After adding the WIFI module, you could manage the smart keypad door lock through the smartphone. It allows you to design unique user codes. Each member of your family can have their own 4-9 digits code. Adding the Connect Wi-Fi module (TUYA), the keypad smart door lock could work off your home Wi-Fi without additional hubs. Then, you also could set the shared passwords which are validated for a few weeks, hours, or minutes. You don’t have to worry about someone who would illegally enter your house with the guessed passwords. And, a smart keypad door lock has a lock monitoring function. You can view your lock history, and check a list of users, assigned codes, and each entry time. Get real-time alerts when someone accesses your home.


All in all, smart keypad door locks could be one of the ideal security products for all types of buildings. It not only is equipped with modern security techniques but also remains the traditional security function.

Be-Tech, a China smart keypad door lock manufacturer, launched a series of advanced keypad door locks to secure your property and provide the most convenience.