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Why do Dorms & Student Living Need Keyless Entry Door Locks

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  • Date:01/27/2023

A campus tends to own thousands of locks and keys to manage its student dorms and classrooms. And, it is a huge project for campus administrative staff to manage. Then, currently, there is a new trend in the access system. It could change and improve the security access system of the campus. That is the keyless entry door lock.

Prevent Violent Crime

The first benefit of adopting a keyless entry door lock system is to prevent violent crime. Safety is the top priority in campus management, because of the volatile social condition and the nature of the campus. Then, the mechanical keys could put campus students in an unsafe environment. The traditional mechanical keys are copyable and the master key is easy to lose, so they leave those who want to hurt students many chances. Furthermore, due to the stolen or lost key, once a violent crime occurs in the campus, it would have to encounter devastating public relations and legal battles.

Reduce Management Cost

Managing a campus’s buildings is a big and complex project. Thousands of locks and keys need to be managed on an average campus. Then, the campus that adopts the keyless door entry system can get rid of this concern. The commercial keyless entry door locks would let you don't have to check the keys or replace the new door lock when the keys are lost. Furthermore, the campus administrative staff don't have to spend too much time on answers endless phone calls from those students who want to know whether their locks can be updated and, and when they can get their keys replaced.

Eliminate Security Exposure

Electronic keyless door locks also avoid the potential security risks that mechanical keys have. The campus administrative staff can invalidate the lost key cards rather than replace the door locks when the students lost their keys. Furthermore, electronic keyless door locks tend to have an accessing record. The door lock supports 1000 events audit trail or a 400 event audit trail. The administrative staff can view the access this record to monitor the use of the room.

Electronic Keyless Door Locks Reviews

Since knowing the benefits of electronic keyless entry door locks, the campus may also want to upgrade its access system. In this section, the author would list some keyless electronic door locks which are the ideal options for the campus.

Product Recommendation: Wireless Electronic Door Locks


This series of wireless electronic door locks is the ideal security option for student dorm rooms. Cooperated with the online system, the wireless electronic door lock is an efficient system solution for the market demand for access control. And, all access points' functions and features can be fully controlled by centralized. Then, with the help of a web-based application, the supervisor of the dorm can keep track of events and remotely unlock or block users on the go, with all doors, authorized users, and locations managed from a single place. Furthermore, the keyless electronic door lock is able to keep track of students' and campus staff's activities on campus. It could record who goes where and when in real time. Therefore, the student dormitories are secured 24/7. As for the authorization, it allows the manager to authorize the visitor and set the visitor's access time which can be correct to the minute.

Product Recommendation: Keyless Electronic Door Locks


This series of keyless electronic door locks are ideally installed in the office door. The keyless electronic door locks perfectly blend with the necessary hardware and the door. Driven by the design concept of "Less on the door, Always is more", Be-Tech's designer designs this series of keyless electronic door locks which allow architects and designers maximum design freedom and minimum appearance on doors meanwhile preserving the door aesthetics. In the security aspect, it has multiple functions. First, the keyless entry door lock has a reliable and durable physical structure. It is constructed with a stainless steel handle, 3-point stainless steel latch construction with an antifriction mechanism, a mortise equipped 20mm throw high strength deadbolt, etc. Second, it has a high-security mechanical override cylinder. Third, the keyless entry door lock has a panic release function. The deadbolt and latch can automatically retract for the purpose of providing people who stay indoors with an emergency escape exit.

Product Recommendation: Electronic Entry Door Locks

Electronic Entry Door Locks

This series of electronic entry door locks are the latest electronic locks with a simple, fashionable, and comfortable design. With the matt black spray-coating finish, electronic entry door locks would well fit into the campus. They can be installed in the campus's offices and common areas. Adopting the RFID technology, electronic entry door locks also have three versions to fit any standard of the buildings. High-security stainless steel mortise lock case available in ANSI, AUS, and EURO versions. And, the door lock mortise is certificated by CE and ANSI/BHMA. The electronic entry door locks are equipped with re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory, which would meet future security needs.


If you want to strengthen your campus security system and create a safer and more convenient campus experience for your students, you can invest in a keyless door entry system. Be-Tech is one of the leading electronic door lock manufacturers, providing a wide range of keyless entry system options to fit any standards of campus buildings.