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Why Fingerprint Door Lock is Worthy in Residential House

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  • Date:10/27/2022

In the current busy and competitive world, security becomes an urgent issue among most families. Then, conventional mechanical door locks are the current commonly used security way in many families. However, as time goes by, its weakness also appears. The keys are pitiable and the door lock is easy to be picked. Based on this situation, we need a more modern and safer access method to upgrade our security level. The fingerprint door lock is a worthy of consideration option. In this post, the author would illustrate why fingerprint door lock is worth it in the residential house.

Strengthen the Control of Your Property

When you adopt the traditional mechanical keys door lock, you are not able to know the house accessing situation. Even if someone breaks into your house, you have no idea until you find the door lock is broken. Then, the fingerprint door lock could overcome this weakness. The fingerprint digital door lock supports remote management. You could achieve multiple operations even if you are far away from home through the connection between the Wifi network and the locks. For example, you are allowed to check the access record and authorize or invalidate the passwords.

Unmatched Security

Looking back at the fingerprint door lock, it uses the fingerprint as the key. The fingerprint is a distinct feature for each person. And, there is no same fingerprint in the world. Therefore, the keyless fingerprint door lock doesn't have the above-mentioned problems.


Digital fingerprint door lock provides the most convenience in accessing. You don’t have to carry around numerous keys for gaining access. With your fingerprint, you could lock and unlock your house door easily. In addition, the digital fingerprint access control door lock has an automatic locking function. The digital door lock will be locked automatically after opening the door for a few seconds. Then, you don't need to worry about someone sneaking into your property. Moreover, you could set a temporary access password for your guests instead of giving the mechanical keys to your guest.

Difficult to Override

Different from traditional door locks, digital fingerprint door locks don't allow them to be overridden by any individual unless they get approval from the house owners. And conventional door locks are vulnerable to lock pickers but digital fingerprint door locks don't. Furthermore, digital fingerprint door locks provide an effective defense against any kind of intrusion. It could be the ideal and reliable security option.

Cost-Effective Solution

Although installing residential fingerprint door locks in your house is a relatively high-cost investment, it is a cost-effective and wise option in the long run. Compared with other common types of door locks, the residential fingerprint door lock is not easy to break down, especially the one that is manufactured by a reliable fingerprint door lock factory.

Various Designs

Different from the traditional door lock, you can choose from a wide design of fingerprint keyless door locks to suit your specific requirements, taste, and daily life. You also could find a wide array of lock designs, ranging from traditional to futuristic and minimalistic ones.

Products Recommendation: Residential Fingerprint Door Lock

After illustrating the advantages of using fingerprint door locks, you may wonder where to buy them and which one should you purchase. As a matter of fact, you could take Be-Tech into your consideration. Be-Tech is one of the leading fingerprint door lock manufacturers in China, offering you affordable and advanced fingerprint door locks. Here are some outstanding products in Be-Tech.


Push Pull Fingerprint Door Lock


Push Pull Fingerprint Door Lock

Push pull fingerprint door lock has multiple accessing solutions: fingerprint, APP, RF card key, and PIN code. With the pull and push handle design, it is the best interior fingerprint door lock, because it offers convenient access. The fingerprint function supports one-touch fingerprint verification. In the keypad, the push pull fingerprint door lock is designed to have a scramble code function. In other words, it allows you to input random numbers prior to the right code in case of exposure of the passwords. Moreover, the keypad is invisible, so the keypad number only can be seen when you touch the screen with your palm.


Fingerprint House Door Lock


Fingerprint House Door Lock

Be-Tech k7S fingerprint house door lock also has four access solutions. You could access the door lock with a BLE key, Fingerprint, RF Card key, or PIN code. First, it has a strong physical structure. 1.5mm thick 304 stainless steel ensures high strength performance to protect the inner mechanism construe and prevent the thieve picking the door lock. Second, multiple modern security functions in this fingerprint house door lock. The handle is specially designed to achieve a double-locking function. A simple lifting of the handle could finish the double-locking status. And the handle is available at a turning 45 angle. There is an anti-panic exit system in the fingerprint house door lock. In an emergency, you could open the door with a simple turning of the inside handle. Third, you could customize the remote management function in the fingerprint house door lock. After the successful connection with the WIFI network, it helps you fulfill various requirements in the management. You could check the access record, unlock and amend the valid time of pin codes, etc. It could be a flexible security solution.



Digital Fingerprint Access Control Door Lock

Digital Fingerprint Access Control Door Lock



The matte black digital fingerprint access control door lock has four access solutions, Bluetooth key, Fingerprint, RF Card key, or PIN code for your convenience. The matte black digital fingerprint access control door lock is high compatibility with the house's self-locking mechanical mortise/lock case. It can work with the self-locking mechanical mortise/lock case which has a 68-93.5mm distance between the cylinder center and handle center. The fingerprint digital door lock is equipped with the operation status notification. When you are doing any operation, the LED indicator informs you what is happening through different colors and signs.


Last Thought

All in all, the fingerprint door lock is a cost-effective investment for your house. As a new future for security, the fingerprint door lock helps you upgrade the security of your house and prevent all the hassle that comes with the conventional door lock. It is a good choice for residential houses.