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Are RFID Door Locks Secure?

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  • Date:12/29/2022

When it comes to purchasing the rfid door locks, you may worry about the reliability of the rfid door locks and also come up with a series of questions about rfid keyless door lock access control. Are RFID door locks secure? Can RFID Locks Be Hacked? How to find the best rfid door locks? Fortunately, in order to help our clients get a further understanding of rfid door locks, Be-Tech would answer the above questions and dispel your doubts.

Are RFID Door Locks Secure?

The RFID door locks are secure. Compared with the conventional keyed door locks, the rfid security door locks are designed with multiple security components such as a high-security mechanical override cylinder, high-security stainless steel mortise lock case, 3-point stainless steel latch construction, etc. Furthermore, it usually not be designed to be a simple electronic door lock. It is a good combination of the traditional door lock design and modern security technology. It tends to have the above reliable physical component and uses modern electronic components such as a completely sealed contactless module, FLASH RAM lock memory, the audit trail system, etc.

Can RFID Locks Be Hacked?

Generally speaking, the rfid card keyless entry door locks are a reliable device that is hard to hack. Also, the security technology in the RFID door locks varied from different brands. Therefore, if someone wants to hack the locks, they need to have formidable skills.

What Features to Look for When Buying RFID Door Locks?

As above mentioned, the rfid entry door locks varied from different brands. Then, they also come with a variety of different essential features. If you aren’t familiar with them, you may get some trouble with the selection of RFID door locks. In this section, the author would give some instructions about that and help you choose the right ones.

Reprogrammable Key Cards

Since it is the rfid door lock, the rfid keycards are important. The reprogrammable key cards are the first factor you need to consider. The reprogrammable key cards can offer you the most freedom in management possible because you can set the different access authorities according to the different groups. Furthermore, it could reduce the cost of key replacement.

Physical Design

Although the rfid door locks are electronic door locks, we also need to evaluate whether the physical design is secure enough. The physical structure almost determines whether the door lock can withstand the impact of the external force and prevent the hotel door would be violently opening.

Emergency Solution

A keyless electronic rfid card reader door lock with an emergency accessing solution may benefit you in accidents and let you successfully escape for your life. For example, The panic release function in the rfid door lock makes you easily open the door lock and escape from the room. Therefore, a backup accessing solution is also important in the selection of the door lock.

Which Is Better, NFC or RFID Door Lock?

It depends on the application. If you are running an ordinary motel or hotel and have a limited budget for the door lock system, you can choose the RFID door locks. Then, if you are running an Airbnb and luxury hotel, you can take the NFC door locks into your consideration.

As a matter of fact, NFC technology is subordinate to RFID technology. In most situations, the rfid door locks make use of radio waves & three primary tools: an antenna, a tag, and a reader to identify. By contrast, the NFC door lock tends to come in an active or passive form, available in low, high, and ultra-high frequencies. Then, the NFC models also are regarded as high-frequency RFID. Therefore, both of them have their features.

Product Recommendation: Rfid Commercial Door Lock

Rfid Commercial Door Lock

This is the perfect rfid commercial door lock for many commercial buildings such as hotels, office buildings, etc. It is specially designed for modern and fashionable hotels, so it would work well in the hotels in functions and aesthetic aspects. In the physical design, the steel latch construction with an anti-friction mechanism, a 20mm throws high strength deadbolt, a high-security mechanical override cylinder, etc. There are three versions of stainless steel mortise lock cases---- ANSI, AUS, and EURO versions. In the function, it can record up to 1000 events audit trail. Also,  it has the re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory, so it would not out of date in the security field. In the aesthetic, it has an elegant and classic appearance. The matte black finish and simple design allow architects and designers to maximize the hotel's fashion sense and enhance user experience to a new level.

Product Recommendation: Rfid Entry Door Lock

Rfid Entry Door Lock

This series of rfid entry door lock is the latest stand-alone electronic lock and have a simple but fashionable design. Adopting RFID technology and a completely sealed contactless module, it is safe and convenient in the operation. The blue color mutation LED indicator also shows a warm welcome to your guests. This standalone rfid door lock not only has the panic release function but also meets ADA compliant. In other words, it not only has an emergency accessing solution but also is user-friendly for those people who have movement difficulties. Furthermore, it has future-proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory and is compatible with the BIS HOTEL software platform. Therefore, it would provide the most convenience in management possible.


All in all, although a variety of door locks electronic door locks on the market, RFID door locks are still good and worthy to be considered as an option to secure various types of buildings. The RFID door locks are hard to be hacked, price friendly, and convenient in accessing and management.

Be-Tech is regarded as one of the leading rfid door lock manufacturers in China with a rich manufacturing experience and a reliable design team. With rich experience, we have the confidence to offer our clients reliable, flexible, and valuable security solutions. If you want to order the RFID door locks, please contact us! Tel:+86-757-28376123.