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Why College Campus Need Electronic Keyless Door Locks?

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  • Date:10/26/2022

On campus, safety is always a concerning issue on everyone's mind. Based on the current social situation, we also need to pay attention to safety on the college campus. And, there is no better option to ensure the protection of students, faculty, and staff, as well as valuable equipment, than by installing electronic commercial door locks. In this post, the author would illustrate the benefits of electronic keyless entry door locks.

Benefits of Electronic Door Locks for College Campuses

As we all know, electronic door locks take the responsibility of protecting students and staff, educational facilities, records, computer equipment, and more. And, there are countless doors are installed on college campuses. Simply using the traditional key is not secure enough for the college. The electronic keyless entry door locks could be a good helper for college managers, which work together with the access control systems to secure all the buildings on campus. Here are the main benefits of using electronic keyless door locks on college campuses.

Upgrade the Security Level

With traditional mechanical locks, a misplaced dorm key or the master key becomes a potential security threat to faculty, staff, and students. Furthermore, when the door keeps open, there is no entry restriction on the campus. Anyone could access the building without effort. When comes to electronic keyless entry systems, the above problems would be eliminated. First, when the keycards are missing, the managers could invalidate the keycards through the online management system. Second, the keyless entry door locks also allow you to authorize the specific accessing right to specific employees. For the former employees and staff who have left or been fired, the managers also can disable or suspend their access privileges. Third, the managers could remote control the locking or unlocking of the keyless entry door locks.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Mechanical key replacements are costly and time-consuming to manage. If the mechanical keys are missing, you also have to change the door lock for security purposes. And, this process becomes even more expensive. Using the keyless entry system, the colleges don't have to worry about the cost of key replacements. It is because RFID keycards are relatively inexpensive than mechanical keys. And, when the keycards are lost or stolen, the managers could deactivate them and give the new keycards to the student or staff member, instead of changing the door lock.

Easy to Install and Scale

The electronic keyless door lock is easy to install because it simply requires limited hardware and wiring involved. It can quickly be applied to new or existing buildings, and almost make no interruption to daily activity.

Convenience in Management

The college usually covers a huge area, so it also puts difficulty on managing properties. And, it is hard to manage such a large number of mechanical keys. Fortunately, electronic keyless door locks help you create a keyless entry system. Then, keyless entry systems are easier to manage. The keyless entry systems could easy to gather and present all data in one management system.

How to Make the Effectiveness of Electronic Keyless Entry Door Lock for College Campuses

Although the electronic keyless entry door lock can protect individuals and properties, it still gets stricken by piggybacking or tailgating. Therefore, college campuses need to take some actions to reduce the potential issues.

1. the security guards should obey a clear and strict policy for managing visitors on campus;

2. Install CCTV at the entrance

3. Inform all faculty, staff, and students on the right use of the electronic keyless door lock;

4. Set the on-site security personnel at high-traffic or high-security space

Product Recommendation: Superior Electronic Door Locks for College Campuses

Wireless Door Locks

wireless door locks

The wireless door lock is the ideal electronic door lock for the properties such as commercial, public, and industrial buildings. As an efficient system solution, it not only could meet the multiple access control but also provide the latest security features. Here are some outstanding features of the wireless electronic door lock. This wireless door lock helps to create a convenient management system. Both guest and master cards can be invalidated in one central location. Also, the online system will notify each lock. It has an offline issue card which provides a backup solution for the properties in case of network breakdown. Furthermore, the wireless electronic door lock has an audit trail function, which could upload the latest events to the system rather than perform readouts lock by lock. Thereofore, it could be the ideal lock door for college classrooms and dorm rooms.

Electronic Keyless Entry Door Lock

electronic keyless entry door lock

Be-Tech VISUAL RFID Door Lock series is the latest electronic keyless entry door lock with a simple, fashionable and comfortable design. With the minimalist design concept, the electronic keyless entry door lock has a matt black spray coating finish, maximizing the best fashion sense of the interior style. With the stand-alone RFID technology and a completely sealed contactless module, the electronic keyless entry door lock put no chance for hacking. Second, it has a high-durability structure, so it has a relatively long lifespan and works well in public buildings. For example, the aluminum handle has a high strong central spindle. Third, it is highly compatible. The stainless steel mortise lock case of electronic keyless entry door lock has three versions available: ANSI, AUS and EURO versions. And, the mortise is approved by CE and ANSI/BHMA. Therefore, it could be installed in various types of door. 

Electronic Room Door Lock


electronic room door lock


Be-Tech BASE RFID electronic room door lock is the latest and most reliable product. It is the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and high-cost performance solution to go contactless Be-Tech electronic lock. Also, the electronic room door lock meets the future trend of the security industry. Therefore, you don't have to worry the campus's security system is out of date. RFID electronic room door lock supports 1000 events audit trail, so it is good for those rooms that are highly in use. Then, it is ADA compliant, so the college door lock is user-friendly and provides those people who have movement difficulty accessing convenience.


In summary, the security system is always a critical concern for the building of colleges and universities. It plays an important role in protecting the safety of the students and the properties.

Be-Tech is a comprehensive electronic door locks factory, sticking to designing and producing the keyless entry door lock with high durability and security.