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Why Hotel Lock Upgrading is Important for Modern Hotels?

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  • Date:01/26/2023

As time goes by, you may find that electronic hotel room door locks wear out due to heavy use or outdated technology. And, if you don't pay attention to that, the wearing out of the electronic hotel room door locks could cause serious safety problems and management issues. Because of it, it is necessary to replace your old hotel door locks.

What’s the Meaning of Hotel Lock Upgrading?

The hotel lock indicates that you replace all the hotel's locks with more advanced and modern commercial electronic door locks. However, it is not an easy task until you have rich experience in the installation and replacement of new hardware. Otherwise, you had better find a reliable electronic door locks factory to help you design a perfect upgrading solution.

Why Does Your Hotel need to Upgrade the Hotel Door Locks?

You may wonder why it is important to upgrade hotel door locks. Then, in this section, the author would list some of the major reasons.

Safer in the Hotel

After using a new hotel electronic door lock system, your hotel can be safeguarded by the latest security technology and your guest and staff are safer. The anti-hacker level also gets improved so that it can block the hacker away from your hotel. Also, upgrading the electronic hotel door locks could decrease the risk of accidents such as fire accidents, property damage, injury to guests and staff, etc caused by unauthorized access with old magnetic card hotel locks and the risk of theft caused by the bug of the old hotel door locks.

Overcome The Drawness of the Old Magnetic Card Hotel Locks

There are some drawbacks to the previous magnetic card hotel locks. First, they are easily copyable. Therefore, anyone easily copies the pass card with a device at the lowest cost. Then, your hotel would easily be attacked by these copies. Your hotel may be the public park for that theft. If you replace them with the latest commercial electronic security door locks, your hotel can not be affected by these drawbacks.

Are There Any Risks to Not Upgrading Your Hotel Door Lock?

The first risk of not upgrading your hotel door lock is that the hotel door lock becomes easy to be picked after long-term use. In other words, anyone with the picking door lock technique can easily get in. Therefore, picking valuables in the hotels is as easy as picking one's own pocket. The second risk is guests and staff at your establishment may get attacked. When someone breaks into your hotel and accidentally be doubt the staff and guests. The theft may try to attack them to cover their track. Third, when someone breaks into the guest room and steals the valuables from the room, it would make your hotel disgraced and make your hotel less reliable.

Product Recommendation

Since you know the importance of upgrading the hotel door locks, you may want to upgrade the hotel door locks. Then, in this section, the author would list three great electronic locks for hotel doors.

Product Recommendation: Electronic Hotel Room Door Locks

electronic hotel room door locks


This series of electronic hotel room door locks adopt RFID technology, providing three versions to fits the different circumstances. The electronic hotel room door locks consist of a zinc alloy handle with a long-lasting painting finish, 3-point stainless steel latch construction with an anti-friction mechanism, and the mortise equipped 20mm throw high strength deadbolt. Therefore, the hotel room door locks are extremely durable and not easy to be damaged. Then,  in the function, they are not only able to 1000 events audit trail but also compatible with the BIS HOTEL software platform. Furthermore, they would help you create a contactless service in your hotel. They are equipped with future-proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory.


Product Recommendation: Hotel Room Electronic Door Locks

Hotel Room Electronic Door Locks


Look at this series of hotel room electronic door locks, they have simple lines and fashionable designs. They would be the perfect option for your modern hotels. Driven by the design concept of the "Sparkling bright spot, not just the looks", the hotel room electronic door locks have a matte black finish and allow the designers to maximize the hotel's fashion sense by the use of matte black finish. Adopting the latest Mifare contactless technology, the hotel room electronic door locks provide the guests and staff with the most access convenience possible. There is no need for the insertion of the keycard to access. The hotel room's electronic door locks have the latest anti-hacker technology which rejects re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside the escutcheon. This series of hotel room electronic door locks have more adaptability. The hotel room electronic door locks can be applied in various circumstances such as business, resort, spa, and All-Inclusive.



Product Recommendation: Guest Room Electronic Door Lock

guest room electronic door lock


This guest room electronic door lock is a relatively affordable and economical option for normal hotels from large chains to youth hotel businesses. It also can be widely implemented in the economical hospitality industry and community buildings. Then, this series of guest room electronic door locks are equipped with the most flexible platform to meet future All-in-One card applications. This guest room electronic door lock is a stand-alone electronic lock with RFID technology and has operators with a completely sealed contactless module. Therefore, it makes use of RFID access technology to achieve access and implement the operation with a completely sealed contactless module.


All in all, the upgrading of the electronic hotel room door locks could be a worthy investment. And, When you start the plan to replacement of the electronic hotel door locks, you don't have to worry too much about the installation of the door locks. It is simple to install the above products.